Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 11 December 2020 Written Update : Vansh ask Kabir and Aryan to leave the house

At the beginning of the episode, Riddhima brings the black truth of Aryan and Kabir to everyone. Dadi says she never thought that Aryan and Kabir could do such a thing. And she also came to their talk. Kabir says he did all this because he suspected this man. Aryan says yes he is almost right. Grandma slaps Aryan. Ishani says that Aryan deserves this, he does such a big conspiracy against her and wanted to harm the child and due to him, she doubted her brother.

Dadi apologizes to Riddhima. Riddhima says that there is no need to as even her scolding, there is love. Kabir thinks he will avenge Riddhima for this. While Riddhima decides to punish them for what they wanted to give them. Vihaan says that he himself will make them leave outside the house. He says aunt and mother should also go with them, after all, they are their children and they must be sad to see them go. But there is no fault of them in this, so he will not ask them to leave from home.

Grandma says this is the specialty of her grandson. Riddhima says that she had set such a good plan but he spoiled it all. Vihaan says that he did this because enemies should be kept in front of his eyes. Riddhima thinks Vansh used to say the same. Vihaan says now do not say that Vansh used to talk like this. Vihaan says that now Dadi will force Kabir and Aryan to sign the paper and their work will become easier. Further, Riddhima announces that he will apologize to Ishani by kneeling down. This is what Kabir does but Ishani does not forgive him.

Ishani says that she will not forgive Riddhima because she is the one who brought Kabir here. Riddhima feels sorry for her mistake. Anupriya asks Vansh to come with him as she needs to talk to him. Anupriya says you do right by giving them punishment but why he forget his biggest enemy Riddhima. She asks if he forgot how Riddhima expected in front of Siya that she is a spy even Siya is in coma because of her. Vansh says he will soon reveal Riddhima’s truth don’t worry.

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