Shakti 11 December 2020 Written Update : Police caught Angel

At the beginning of the episode, Angel is happy that she kidnapped Heer. She recalls how Heer wanted her to leave her room saying that even Virat became a father but she still loves him. Angel ask then why she came here. Heer she wanted to shup Preeto’s mouth thus. Angel says your a good wife.

She then ask Heer to come downstairs as everyone is waiting for her. Heer says she wants some time. She ask her to leave but Angel give her drugs making her lost her senses. She says Heer is so pretty thus she wants to take her to place where everyone admirers her prettiness.
Preeto came at Sant house. She ask where is Angel. Kareena came in ghught. She ask her to remove it. While Tejinder save her saying that after knowing the truth of Virat Heer leaves.

Virat says this cannot happen, Heer is not such a girl. Further, Virat and Preeto try to find Heer, they find Heer in every place but they does not find her. There Angel notices police she tells the driver to run away the car. The driver says he cannot do this. Angel goes limp. The police stop her car. He asks her who is this girl with her. Angel says she is her sister, she is ill, so she is taking her to the hospital. While Heer opens her eyes and says this is false, she is the daughter-in-law of Sant whom she is Kidnapping.

Angel tells the driver to drive the car away. While the police follow them. There Parmeet tells Sant that Heer did so much for them, but left due to the lack of Virat. Angel asks Heer when she wakes up. Heer says long ago but she was only waiting for the right opportunity and now she cannot escape. Angel says sit quietly otherwise it will not be good. The police tell Sant that Heer has been kidnapped by someone. Sant tells Parmeet that Heer is not a partaker, someone kidnapped her. Parmeet gets shocked. She calls Virat and says that Virat was right that Heer’s Kidnap has taken place and Kidnappers has taken Heer towards the Punjab Highway. Virat says he will reach there soon.

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