Choti Sarrdaarni 11 December 2020 Written Update – Sarab gave all his property to Aditi

At the beginning of the episode, Sarabjeet went to Aditi and said to her that from today all is yours. Harleen says that she will stay in this house only until Sarabjeet come back to this house and said Aditi that it would cost you very much. Meher went to God and jointed her hands and requested to fix back everything as Sarabjeet has faced much trouble for her. Meher said this is all her fault and will not allow her to suffer and started packing her bags and thought of taking Param and Karan with her. Sarabjeet came and said, Meher that can she think of going leaving him alone. Sarabjeet hugged Meher and said we would mutual face this situation.

Vikram said Aditi the way she is reacting is totally wrong. Aditi said everything is fair in this game. Vikram said he only wants his Karan. Aditi said, before you used your ideas, now let me handle the situation. And said she would file a case for Karan’s custody if they would leave this house.

Sarabjeet indirectly tried to make Param understand that today we have to leave this house and we have to start again. Meher said we would only play this game if Param is willing to go. Param said he is ready to go to a new house and make a new mansion but using sticks.

Yuvi came to Kulwant and said, her to pack her bags as we will also leave this house. Then Yuvi said he got a call from Param, and he said that they are leaving the house and they will play a game. Kulwant received Patahak’s call, and he said to her to come as soon as possible as the meeting is about to start. Kulwant was confused about where to go first.

Harleen said her lawyer file as many cases against Aditi but Darabu ve and took the phone from her and told the lawyer not to file any case against her. Harleen says she can not see Param like this. Harleen said how they would manage without these facilities. Harleen said, Sarab to think for Param at least and requested Sarab to change his decision.

Param was collecting his toys and was asking Meher that when they will start the game. Meher said, Param to leave her toys as it is the rule of the game. Param was requesting Meher to take his cycle, but Meher said they would go empty hands from here. Meher was a little worried and thinking about how they will manage.

Harleen said she is booking a hotel room for them until everything gets fixed, but Sarab said he would leave this house without taking a single coin. Harleen said Sarabjeet to ask Param if he ready to go.

Param was saying bye to all his toys and kinds of stuff. Sarabjeet was noticing him and said to Meher that everything would be fine. Meher said, for me, you have sacrificed a lot for her. Meher said if there will be a topic of Sacrifice, then your name would be at the top.

Episode end

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