Shaadi Mubarak 12 December 2020 Written Update : Nandni make another plan to fool KT

At the beginning of the episode, KT asks Preeto not to force him for a DNA test. That’s when he gets a call and about to leave. Preeti says she will also company him. KT asks why? Preeti says as a wife she wants to go with him. KT stunted. KT and Preeti arrive at the hospital. KT tells whenever hospital people need blood they call him thus he came here to donates the blood.

He tells Preeti that his blood group is rarer. He then asks the nurse about the patient who needs his blood. The nurse tells him that the patient meets an accident. KT and goes from there to meet the patient. They get shocked when they see Arjun laying on the bed with so many injuries. Nandni starts crying in front of KT. She tells him how Arjun got these injuries. She says after KT and Preeti’s marriage, Arjun start doing wrong things and today he had an accident.

She says if KT now believes that he is his son as they both have a rare blood group. Nurse call KT. He leaves. Nandni asks Preeti to take a little care of Arjun. She will come back soon. She leaves and laughs saying that now Arjun’s critical condition will help her. KT comes to meet Arjun he starts crying after seeing him. He says their blood group is the same even the date of his birth matches the day when Nandni left him. He asks if he is a bad father.

He hugs Preeti while crying. She tries to calm him down and to give lots of love to Arjun when he comes to his senses. KT says sorry to Preeti for his misbehave. He then looks at Arjun and takes care of him. Preeti becomes emotional after seeing KT.

She feels KT and goes to fetch some water. When she comes back, KT is sleeping. While she moves forward, she put KT’s head on her shoulder, and then the duo sleeps like so. In the Preeti goes from the cabin while KT and Arjun open their eyes. KT goes to Arjun and calls him son which makes Arjun happy. KT says from now on he will live with him.

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