Shaadi Mubarak 10 December 2020 Written Update : Preeti wants DNA test

At the beginning of the episode, Arjun calls Nandni and asks her to come back as he has returned to the hotel. Nandni feels upset. She tells this thing to KT and he then sends her to the hotel. There Preeti is waiting for KT. He arrives. She goes on the couch and pretending like in deep sleep. KT caught her and says don’t do such drama. She wakes up and asks him where he was, why he came late. While KT asks why she wanted him to help Nandni. Preeti tells she is just worried about his son so she asked.

KT tells her that his and Nandni’s rishta is quite different. Her reason to leave him is also very different. So don’t be so sure that Ajrun belongs to him. And keep your nose out of my business. There, Nandni is upset due to Preeti. She breaks things and angrily calls Preeti’s name. Arjun tells her that when Kusla called him KT’s son Preeti gets studded. Nandni smiles upon that.

There Preeti is going to sleep. She sits on the sofa for that. KT asks her to sleep in the bed. Preeti says no, she can’t as last time he kicked her out of the bed. KT says she lying as he knows he can never do this. He turns on the tv which disturbs Preeti’s sleep. Later when KT leaves the room for some reason Preeti thinks that now she can switch off the Tv. But before that, She hears about the DNA tests. She thinks doing the same with KT and Arjun. While KT comes back and snatches the remote. In the morning Preeti tries to cut KT’s hair, but he keeps moving.

Kusla notices Preeti. She thinks about what Preeti is doing. She ignores this and leaves. While Preeti keeps trying to get KT’s hair but failed. She then goes to the bathroom and finds KT’s brush. She got happy as this can help her. There Kusla thinks that Preeti wants KT’s hair for some black magic. She thinks to confront her in front of KT. Later KT wakeup, he goes to the bathroom.

He gets angry when he wasn’t able to find his brush. He goes downstairs and asks where is his brush? Kusla says she and others don’t know. Preeti asks him to use neem lakdi to clean his mouth. Kusla asks her to shut up. KT wonders if Preeti was the one who hides his brush. He asks to Preeti. Preeti says no. He goes into the bedroom and checks her stuff.

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