Anupamma 24 Aug : Toshu living in Kinjal’s house.

Star Plus new show is rocking at trp chart. Anupamaa brings something new but some remain the same. In the previous episode we saw the Whole family is shaken and Toshu has an ugly argument and leaves the house in anger.

In today’s episode, Rakhi is shouting at Kinjal at the same time Toshu comes and says that he had listened to his heart, and not his family. Vanraj and Anupamaa are talking and Anupamaa says Toshu will come and remember his childhood days. Vanraj says he is not a kid anymore he won’t return. Anupamaa says if he comes back then you should not scold him, Vanraj says he will be the happiest one. Anupamaa says to call but Vanraj says his phone is switched off. Rakhi says she can’t allow Kinjal to be a part of Shahs, she also says there is a way if Toshu will be a supposed,” GHAR JAMAI”. Toshu is shocked.

Anupamaa and Vanraj continue talking that he fulfilled all demands of Toshu. He was the hero in his life now suddenly villain. Kinjal interrupts Rakhi. Rakhi says let Toshu answer. Then Vanraj says parents love their children but the eldest one is always their favorite. Vanraj is very sad and is all shaken up. The background music plays. Anupamaa says something. Then Toshu is ready for dinner but he notices nobody has dinner like his family. Rakhi says she is going to sleep. Toshu is served as healthy food. But he doesn’t like it.

Here in Shah house everybody at the dining table, remembering everything. Roke na roke music plays. Toshu is also memorizing stuff. Vanraj gets up from the table without eating so does Toshu. Samar is unable to concentrate on music. Pakhi comes and asks about what is wrong. And she asks will Toshu be coming back or not?? And starts to cry hugging Samar. Toshu comes to the room and starts playing guitar simultaneously Samar also. Samar stops playing and lie on the bed. Both he and Pakhi looks at each other crying. Toshu is awake. Toshu takes his shoes out, wear them. And proceeds for somewhere. Anupamaa missing Toshu. She calls but the phone is switched off. She texts. Episode ends.

In the upcoming episode, we shall see Samar knocks Vanraj and Anupamaa’s room. They thought Toshu is there. But Samar comes all scared and says police and promo scene.
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