Shakti 24 Aug : Malika and Virat spark a debate over Heer

Colors’ popular show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki entertaining plot is ruling on everyone’s heart.

At the beginning of the episode Heer arrives with Malika and Nutan.  Heer says that all the kinnars will work with her.  Heer says that Virat has kept the students on his side who support him in every right and wrong but now Kinnar will be on her side and will support her. Jharana says that eunuchs cannot work here.  Jharana says that the work of eunuchs is to dance at weddings, not the work of NGOs. Jharana says she will call the secretary.

The flashback shows Heer talking to Malika about how Virat wants to stop her from doing social service and all the students are also in his favor.  Heer asks for help from Malika and Malika agrees to help her.  Malika says that she should take the reporter with her so that they can help them if there is any problem.  Heer agreed.  The end of the flashback.

Further Jharana brings the secretary.  Secretary say that eunuchs cannot work here.  Then the reporter comes and asks why can eunuchs not work here?  The secretary says that he has no objection to their working if the teacher agrees.  The teacher says he has no objection.  Further, Heer goes to Virat and says that she has won the 5-day bet and he lost.  Isha asks her to come with her.  Virat thinks he will teach Heer a lesson and goes to Heer.  Virat calls Heer and tells her the reason for leaving her but finds Malika there.  Virat is surprised wondering where Heer has gone.

There, Gurminder worships Daljit.  Parmeet says that she should worship Daljit just like God.  Daljit interrupts Parmeet and says it is fine.  Daljit feels uncomfortable.  Gurminder goes to her room and throws Pooja’s plate in anger.

Malika and Virat spark a debate over Heer.  Virat says that he hates Heer and that Heer should stay away from him.  Malika says that he finds Heer in front of him due to his antics.  Malika says that Virat is angry at Heer is only because he still loves her.

At Heer’s house, Soham tells Harak that Ravi has two marriages and both her husbands are in jail.  But this is not the case with Sindhu, so they should send Sindhu to her in-laws.  Preeto says that he doesn’t have to worry about that.  Soham says that he was just saying so that Heer gets no problem in her marriage.  Soham thinks he has to do this to destroy the Harak’s army.  Further, Virat kidnaps Heer.  Episode ended.

Why does Virat kidnap Heer?  What is Soham’s new plot?

All these questions will be answered by upcoming episodes.  Stay in this place to know what is going to happen in your favorite show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki.

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