Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 22nd Aug : Aman wants to imprison Black Jin

Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka always managed to grab the attention of the audience with its high voltage drama.

Aman is worried about black Jin because he has seen his paw.  Aman thinks that black jin will never come without any reason he has definitely come here to take someone.  Aman says either he came to pick him up or his child.  Roshni gets worried after hearing this.  Aman tells her to calm down.  Mahira is crying, Shayari asks her the reason behind it.  She says that she had taken a loan for her brother whom she could not pay.  And there is no news of her brother Farhan either.  Shayari comforts her saying that everything will be alright.

Aman goes to a room and sees Chirag and thinks that black gin can be imprisoned in it.  And now the time has come for the black jin to be imprisoned in it.  Rehan sees the news of his engagement in the newspaper, Shayari comes and says that she has to talk to him.  But then she sees Mahira and turns to her.

Aman is reading a book that tells how to traps. That book tells that only pehli Ayana can do it. Aman thinks who will call pehli Ayana.  Roshni says she can help him.  Shayari notices the debtors and then Grandma and Baby are coming there.  They ask who are these people.  Shayari tells a lie that they are gardeners so that they do not know anything.

Shayari tells those borrowers that she will give them money in 10 days.  They notice her ring and say that she should give them the ring and when she comes to give money after 10 days, then take it.

Roshni tries to call pehli Ayanna.  Aman says that maybe Ayana will not come like this.  She tells Aman to bring Ayana book.  So that Aman can go away and she can summon Ayana with magic.  Aman then brings the book and Roshni calls pehli Ayana again.  And then Ayana appears and tells them that black jin can be buried in a chal kua.

Aman starts leaving from there with chirag.  Roshni also asks him to take her with him.  Roshni says she wants to be with him so that she can become his shield.  There, shayari gets a call from her Khala and she asks her about her engagement.  And says now she if Rehan likes her.  Shayari says Rehan is so bad and praises him a little bit.  Rehan listens to her and says that in her view, he is not that bad.  Shayari says she was lying.  There is a small nok-jok between the two.  Episode end.

In the upcoming episode, Aman tells Roshni that she has broken his trust and now he wants to end this relationship.

Only time will tell what will happen next.  So keep watching your favorite show Yeh Jadu Hai Jin Ka.

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