Barrister babu 21th Aug : Trilochan become Bondita’s teacher

Colors show Barrister Babu gaining audience interest by their unique storyline and hight voltage twist and turns.

The episode starts with Bondita brings the goods. Trilochan asks if she brought it all.  Bondita says she did not forget anything she brought everything.  Trilochan says where is the remaining money.  Bondita says no money left.  Trilochan says that she must have eaten sweets.  Bondita refuses.  Trilochan asks Bihari how no money is left.  Anirudh says that he should ask this question to Bondita.  Bihari remembers how Anirudh called him while Bondita was shopping.  Anirudh asks him to bring paan.  And when Bondita buying things, the shopkeeper tells her the price.  Bondita says she does not understand the prices and all and that’s how the shopkeeper takes all the money from Bondita.

Trilochan further says that he will teach the shopkeeper a lesson.  Anirudh says he should give a lesson to Bondita.  Anirudh used to say that because Bondita is not educated, she was robbed by the shopkeeper.  Anirudh says this is why education is important.  Further, Anirudh says that today teachers will come to teach Bondita and she will have to learn to read and write.  Trilochan also agrees.  Trilochan says, but first Bondita has to become a good daughter-in-law, then only she will be able to study.  Binoy tells Mini that Anirudh has persuaded Trilochan and now Bondita will study.  Mini says she will handle everything.

Bondita says how she will make Prasad alone and who will help her.  Trilochan comes and tells her that he will teach her.  Bondita says why is he not coming inside the kitchen?  Trilochan says that because it does not suit men.  Bondita says then why do men eat food first?  Trilochan tells her not to question.  Then Trilochan asks her about spices.  Bondita give first spices name correct.  But the rest of her answers are wrong.  Then Trilochan asks her to understand all the spices.

Biraj sees Surmani in the room and asks what is she doing?  Biraj asks if she is playing any trick again.  Surmani says that she had just come to take the needle thread.  Biraj asks her not to mess anything up.  And goes away.  Ahead,  Sampurna loses the book.  Sourav tells her about the book and asks her to find it soon.  On the other hand, Trilochan tells Bondita the names of spices.  Episode end.

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