Yeh Hain Chahtein 24th Aug : Ahana slaps Mishika

Star plus show Yeh Hain Chatein is glueing everybody well on screen.In previous episode we saw Rudra and Preesha is in romantic and that how much they need each other and helped in needy times. Rudra is getting attached to Preesha .

In today’s episode we see Preesha wakes up all in shock, screaming Saransh. Rudra brings a design all broken. The culprit is seen in CCTV footage. And they catch red handed. Rudra is shouting Mishika and Balraj comes and says why is he shouting. Rudra calls again. Ahana comes down and says what is the matter to which Rudra says to call Mish down. Sharda also wakes up. Everybody says why is he shouting. Rudra shows them the footage and everybody seems all stunned.Mish comes down and sees everybody , she says something about Preesha. Ahana slaps Mishika and asks why did she do all these, sabotaging everything , she says its all recorded.

Ahana slaps one more time and says she is not “layak” to stay in their house. She brings her till gate and says if anybody can forgive her then thats Rudra, she goes to Rudra for seeking apology. Rudra forgives her and says its ok she realised her mistake. But Preesha asks why did she do then Rudra says she did because of Preesha. And tells everything. She was shouting on Preesha , Rudra comes in between and takes Preesha away, taking her side. Ahana says sorry to Mish that she cant act of slapping and says everybody was around. She gives ice pack. Mish says to Ahana to make a brilliant plan this time. Preesha orders a new sim. Calls Amma to save this. And worries about the message. She informed everybody about new sim. But shocked to see the message again. She calls blackmailer and says how does he knows and what doen he wants. The blackmailer auto tuned his voice. Preesha is super upset . Then she says she needs to tell about Saransh that he is Mahi akka son. Episode ends.

In upcoming episode we shall see Amma checks Preesha cell and reads the blackmailer message. Amma asks who is it, Preesha says nobody. Next scenes Rudra saves Preesha.
Who is the blackmailer?? and how is trying to kill Preesha??
To know the answers keep on reading us and keep on watching Yeh Hai Chahtein only on Star Plus.

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