Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 24th Aug : Aman and Roshni capture Black Jin

Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka always managed to grab the attention of the audience with its high voltage drama.

At the beginning of the episode, Roshni and Aman come to the forest and Roshni tries to summon Black Jin.  The black gin appears.  Aman summons Baazigar and attempts to imprison black Jin but fails.  Aman tries again but fails again.  Roshni says Aman and Roshni can be defeated by black jin but not parents.  Roshni says we have to win. Aman tries again and this time imprisons black Jin.

Roshni says that she will not be able to stop jin in the Chirag for long and tells him to hurry.  Aman brings a magical well with his magic.  Recalling his Abu’s mistakes, he throws chirag into the well.  Roshni hugs Aman and says he defeated the black jin.  Then they go home.

Next, Rehan’s sister takes Shayari for the ritual.  Shayari asks them about this ritual but they do not tell her anything.  Shayari then asks Mahira.  Mahira tells her that today Rehan will perform bangle ceremony.  Shayari says that then Rehan will see that she does not have  ring in her hand and she will be in trouble.  Rehan asks Aman what all is needed for fake engagement.  Aman says he has also called the media so that they can cover it all.  Rehan says but he sees only one person.  Aman says that other media people will also come.  Rehan says that he feels something is wrong.  Aman says is he doubting them, that he is doing all this to make Shayari and him closer.  Rehan says yes.  Aman says he feels absolutely wrong.

Aman then takes Rehan to Shayari.  And tells Roshni that today he is very happy because today the shadow of black jin has also gone from their life.  That is when a gust of wind comes and surprises everyone.  Roshni says this is only a small storm and asks to perform the ritual.  Next Rehan put chudiya in Shayari’s hand.  He forcefully puts on which grandmother says he needs to do it gently.  While Bajigar arrives and informs Aman that black Jin has come out of the Chirag.

Roshni remembers that black Jin told her that if Aman imprisons him, then Aman’s life will also be in danger.  So in the end  Roshni does something so that the black jin becomes free.  Roshni apologizes to Aman for doing this and thinks where did Aman go?  To stop the ritual Shayri is spilled hot tea on her hand and then leaves.  Shayari feels ointment on the wound, Rehan says he will help her.  But Shayari refuses and says she does not need his help.  Episode ended.

Precap: Aman will end his relationship with Roshni.

To know more keep watching Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka.

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