Barrister babu 24th Aug : Bihari’s lie gets Bondita in trouble

Colors show Barrister Babu gaining audience interest by their unique storyline and hight voltage twist and turns.

The episode starts with Bondita smells the spices and sneezes it.  Trilochan asks her to wash her hands.  Bondita comes after wash her hands but sneezes again.  In this way, Bondita sneezes again and again, and again she washes her hands.  Anirudh asks Bondita what happened?  Bondita says that her hands have turned blue due to repeated washing.  Anirudh then tells her that if she closes her nose before sneezing, the sneeze stops.  Bondita says she does not agree and asks him to prove it.  She then brings a spice box and asks Anirudh to get the aroma.  Anirudh does the same and when he sneezes, he closes his nose, and thus his sneeze stops.  By which Bondita is convinced that Anirudh’s trick is working.  She says Anirudh always supports her and she asks him never to leave her.  Anirudh promises that he will always be with her.

Somnath approaches Anirudh and informs that Mini has fallen on the banks of the pond.  Binoy listens to them.  And thinks that Mini has started working on her plan.  And Anirudh leaves from there.

Next, Trilochan tells Bondita to make Luchhi.  Trilochan says it is very easy to make, only to knead the dough and make round balls.  Bondita thinks of kneading the dough but does not know how to do it.  Koyli arrives and is about to help Bondita, but Trilochan arrives and stops her.  Next Bondita thinks about how she will make Luchhi.  Then Bihari comes and tells hee that he is very good at cooking.  Bondita asks for his help.  Unfortunately, Bihari does not know how to cook and he was only lying, which is why he spoils everything.  Trilochan sees the mess in the kitchen and scolds Bondita.

There, Sourav and Sampurna find the book.  Biraj asks them what they are doing.  Sourav makes an excuse and tells her nothing.  Sampurna accidentally puts the book in Sourav’s father’s bag.  There Trilochan asks Bondita to grind flour.  Which is very difficult for Bondita. Episode end.

Will Anirudh remove Bondita from this trouble?  How will Sampurna and Saurav solve the book’s problem?

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