Shaadi Mubarak 24th August : Preeti’s big sacrifice for Tarun

Star Plus new show Shaadi Mubarak mesmerizing their audience with there top-notch performance.

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti is decorating her house.  While at the other side, Kusum asks the daughter to put money in the envelope and write her name in big letters so that everyone knows that the envelope is from her.  Kusum then gets a video call from someone and picks it up.  The lady in front says she looks beautiful. Has she come to Parlor?  Kusum says no she did not go and going to Parlor is for the Morden girls.  Kusum says that she is getting late now because she has to go to the wedding of her Samadhan’s son.  The woman says how will Preeti alone handle so much work.  Kusum says she is not alone.  His son Sumedha and daughter-in-law are there to help her.  She then disconnects the phone.

Further, Preeti’s son asks if the fitting of his Sherwani is okay.  Preeti removes evil eyes from him and put some kala tika on him.  Then Kusum comes there.  Preeti welcomes her.  Kusum asks her daughter-in-law about her son.  She tells that she is busy with work on which Kusum taunts her.

After some time, Preeti’s daughter performs some ritual, in which she has to say verses for her husband.  Preeti’s daughter asks for her help.  Preeti explains it in gestures and then she utters verses on which everyone claps for her.  After this, we get to know that Preeti cannot speak anything, meaning she is dumb.  Later they perform Ghoomer.  Kusum’s daughters praise Preeti’s Ghoomar.  Next Tarun calls Preeti and says that Rati’s wedding lehenga is torn and all messed up.  Preeti takes an old lehenga.  Tarun says she will not wear such an old lehenga.  But Preeti prepares that well.  Then Preeti’s daughter sends Rati to Lehnga.  Rati is happy to see lehenga.  Rati further reveals her true intentions, that she only wants to keep Preeti with her so that she can take over the whole house.

Then, Preeti and her daughter get ready.  Preeti writes poetry for Tarun which her daughter gets mesmerized after reading.  Everyone gets ready for marriage.  Then Preeti notices that Jhumhar is about to fall down and Tarun is standing below that.  Then Preeti breaks her silence and shouts Tarun’s name.  Then it appears that Preeti can speak she was silent for a vow she had asked for Tarun.  Tarun calls it her stupidity.  And curses her for this.  Everyone is shocked.  Preeti goes to her room and cries.  His poetry pages float in the air.  Just then an unknown man enters there and picks up the pages of the poem and reads them and gets impressed.  Episode ended.

Precap: Rati enters and inadvertently gets Preeti out of the house.  Kusum thinks about what will happen next. To know more keep watching your favorite show Shaadi Mubarak.

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