Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 25th Aug : Aman ends his relationship with Roshni

Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka always managed to grab the attention of the audience with its high voltage drama.

At the beginning of the episode, Shayari thinks that she has fallen out because of that Golgappa.  Shayari thinks that she does not listen to his idea nor gets into trouble. Shayari says that she will go to her khala’s house. The same Rehan gets to know about the location of Farhan’s phone which was closed for a long time and has been turned on. Rehan leaves home to find Farhan. Shayari sees Rehan and thinks she should hide from him or else Rehan will question her again. Shayari hides in Rehan’s car and Rehan uses the same car and sets out to find Farhan.

Roshni is upset about where Aman is, while Aman comes there. Roshni is happy to see him and asks him where he was. Aman asks why? Roshni says she is asking because she was worried. Aman says he’s fine. At the same time, Chal Kua appears and pulls Aman away. Roshni gets worried and uses her magic to bring Aman back from the well.  But she fails. Roshni screams and questions Kala Jin that she fulfilled her promise by getting him free, yet why did he snatch Aman from her. Aman listens to all this because he never went to the well and this was his trick to expose Roshni.

Rehan is driving fast, Shayari gets nervous and starts trembling with fear. Rehan notices her and asks how is she here? The same Aman tells Roshni that he had noticed her clip near chirag but he did not want to believe it, so he did all this drama. Aman is enraged by Roshni because she frees Jin. Aman asks why did she do this? Aman says did she do this to get her powers back. Roshni denies this. Aman says then what deal did she make with Kala jin. Roshni tells him that she had made a deal to give her first child. Aman is shocked.

Further, Rehan is stopped by the police and asks is he kidnapping the girl and taking her away?  Rehan says that he has not kidnapped and this girl is his fiance. Rehan calls Shayari out and asks her to tell that she is his fiance. Shayari gets nervous seeing an inspector and faints. This inspector was the one who had long left Shayari in trouble instead of helping her.

Aman remains speechless and asks how can she deal with their child. Roshni says she did this only for him. Roshni says she could not stay away from him so she did so. Roshni tells Aman how Kala Jin tells her that if he is imprisoned in the lamp then Aman will also not survive. Roshni says she can lose anything but not him. But Aman gets angry with Roshni and says that she had no right to deal with their child. Aman says she made a big mistake. Roshni apologizes to him. Aman says that Roshni made a mistake like his Abu by making a deal and she is not even worthy to be called mother. Aman says she broke everything and also broke the relationship between them. Roshni breakdown.

Precap: Roshni leave Aman’s house with heavy heart.

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