Barrister babu 25th Aug : There is still room for Mini in Anirudh’s heart

Colors show Barrister Babu gaining audience interest by their unique story line and high voltage twist and turns.

The episode starts with Bondita says that it is very difficult and will not happen. Trilochan says it is not easy to become a skilled housewife. Bondita still trying hard to grind the flour. Bihari is sad to see her.  Anirudh is worried about Mini, he calls Dr.  Bondita’s hands start hurting.  Bihari apologizes. Anirudh is taking care of Mini there. Trilochan’s mind also exudes. Bondita says that she is very tired and has to make Luchi too. She says if she didn’t make luchi then they are not able to feed Durga Maa and with that she will also not able to become a skilled housewife. And Trilochan will not let her study.

Somnath says that Anirudh should not be disturbed and should have food. As Dr. has also said that she is fine. Anirudh says there is no one to take care of her and Mini needs him most right now. Bondita grinds flour there. Trilochan gives her blessing. Bondita says she is in such a big trouble and does not know where is Anirudh. Somnath brings coffee for Anirudh. And asks if Anirudh still loves Mini, to which Anirudh says yes. And says that no one can replace Mini.

There, Bondita knead the dough and cook luchi. Anirudh says that love is not only between husband and wife but also between friends. And he loves Mini as a friend. He says that his love did not find the destination he wanted but he can never forget Mini and his memories. Bondita offers Luchi and Chunari to the Goddess. Trilochan tells Devi to forgive Bondita if there is an error.

Further, Saurav comes and tells Bondita that Master ji is here and asking for her. Bondita says how the master is. Saurav says just like us.  Then Bihari comes and informs Bondita that if she does not go on time, Master ji will leave without giving education to Bondita.  Bondita runs towards master and apologizes for the delay. Bondita says that she will come ahead on time. Master ji then asks why she wants to study. Bondita says she does not want it, this is her husband’s wish. Master asks and what is her goal. Bondita says eating a Handi Rasgulla and the happiness of her mother. Episode end.

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