Shaadi Mubarak 25th August : Preeti gives her hard work credit to Rati

Star Plus new show Shaadi Mubarak mesmerizing their audience with their top-notch performance.

In the beginning of the episode, Preeti is saddened by the memory of Tarun.  KT comes there and sees Preeti crying.  KT says that it is natural to be emotional.  KT thinks maybe Preeti is his fan and gives her his handkerchief with his autograph.  He then corrects Preeti’s mood by speaking the dialog of his film.  Preeti sees KT name on handkerchief and finds strange.

Future, everyone is praising Preeti because she does a very good wedding arrangement.  Kusum does not like hearing her praise.  But then she notices KT and gets excited.  Her daughters ask her what happened.  Kusum says that this is KT and her favorite Rajasthani hero.

Rati then tells Tarun to apologize to her mother.  Tarun apologizes to her.  Preeti forgives him.  KT then comes on stage and Rati introduces him.  KT looks at Preeti and says he has met her.  Rati asks when?  KT says a little while ago.  Then they get photographed.  There, Kusum gets her friend’s phone and tells that Preeti does amazing job by covering wedding on the TV channel and there she saw KT.  She says that she took a picture with KT on TV.  Kusum says that she will take a picture with the real KT and disconnects the phone.

She hung up the phone and sees that KT is missing.  She then goes to Preeti and says that she wants to take a photo with KT.  Preeti says but she does not know him.  Kusum says she is making her a fool because she saw when they were talking.  Preeti says she will try.  Then they both go to KT and take a picture.  KT starts going and tells Preeti to smile before leaving.

While, Rati takes credit for Preeti’s decoration.  Juhi tells her not to do it because it is her mother’s hard work.  Tarun says what will mother do with credit.  Preeti also says the same and let Rati take credit.  Kusum says Preeto is naive and would not have given credit for her hard work if she had been Preeti’s place.

Marriage is complete.  Time is for Rati’s Grihpravesh.  Kusum tells Rati to kick her feet on Kalash.  While doing this Rati starts to fall and Preeti gets out of the house herself while helping her and Rati comes inside.  Kusum does not describe it as a good sign.  Episode end.

Precap: Tarun asks Preeti not to make food as his friend calls his family for dinner but when Preeti prepares and joins them, Tarun says only Rati and he will be going.

To know more keep watching your favorite show Shaadi Mubarak.

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