Anupamma 26th Aug : Anupamaa at Kinjal’s Place

Star Plus new show Anupama mesmerizing their audience with their top-notch performance.

The episode begins with Anupamaa asking Samar to leave, she’s looking at angry. Then Anupamaa comes near Pakhi showing at cigarette package and ask her is that belong to her?? Pakhi replies no its not her’s but her classmate Siddharth pranked her and kept it in her bag. Pakhi says she dont smoke and swear on god. Then Anupamaa says she knows her daughter cant do anything wrong and shw doesnt have to swear on god.

Then she hugs Anupamaa and says thank you to her. Anupamaa reminds her of traffic,that trust should be like that from both the sides. So that she doesnt need to hide anything from her. Then she says if anybody teases her or do anything she should come and tell her first. No hiding. Pakhi says not to tell to Vanraj. Anupamaa says Ok. Anupamaa says to her Toshu will come, Pakhi says she really think so? She says she doesnt think , she knows. Vanraj is not going to office and says he has pain in his back. Toshu will come , nothing to worry. Somebody is ringing horn. Everybody gets pissed. Rakhi comes and says good morning to Shahs. Then promo scene. Rakhi leaves.

Vanraj remembers everything. And says that from nowonwards we dont have any ties with Toshu. And nobody will utter his name in the house. Adding to it. Paritosh is dead from now on. Toshu seeing excercise eqipements remember everything. Then Pramod says Toshu should consider her decision once again. Rakhi is angry at this. And says stop lecturing him. That Toshu will be their “ghar jamai”. Baa cries and Anupamaa offers her water. Anupamma says she will bring Toshu back, she has full trust. Baa says Vanraj strictly said Toshu will never come the how is it possible. Anupamaa says father’s love says something else from tongue and heart. Anu takes blessing from god . And leaves.

Kavya and Vanraj in car, she says they can go for a long drive and they can goto office a little late. How can Toshu takes this decision. Kavya says no need to remove his frustations on her of kids. She was just trying to cheer him up. They had an argument and Kavya leaves. Baa says Anupamaa went though hope everything will be allright. Mamaji and Baa prays to god. Toshu says mom on dinning to which Anupamaa answers. Everybody is shocked to see her with Samar. Anupamaa says to Toshu that calling mother in law as mom is nice thing but he shouldnt snatch his father’s right either. Then promo scene repeats. Baa and mamaji still prays and do Aarti. Anupamaa ask Toshu to comeback home. Kinjal is happy. Anupamaa says she is not asking, to break ties like he did at Shah House and that there is a way to tie ties not like this. Rakhi comes in between to Anupamaa says nobody should in between to her and her son. And says sorry. Kinjal looks at Pramod.

Episode ends.

Precap: Anupamaa says she remembers her promise to Kinjal that they will get her married to Toshu but for now she is taking her son to his home. Vanraj says Anu and Toshu tries to cross a set’Lakshman Rekha’. He says them to get out


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