Shakti 25th Aug : Heer learns that Virat kidnapped her Copy

Colors’ popular show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki entertaining plot is ruling on everyone’s heart.

The episode starts with Virat kidnaps Heer and leaves her on a deserted path and call Preeto and threatens her that if Heer does not leave his life, he will send Heer in the world of eunuchs.  Preeto is shocked to hear this.  Virat hung up the phone and starts leaving, but before he leaves, he wraps his jacket around Heer.

After a while Preeto, Harak, Malika and Nutan arrive there.  they takes off Virat’s jacket and tries to bring Heer into consciousness.  Then Heer comes to her senses and asks how she came here.  Preeto asks is she okay?  Heer says yes she is fine.  Heer recalls that someone had kidnapped her.  Harak pretends that this could be a conspiracy by his enemies.  Then they leave for home.

There, Parmeet serves Daljit food and asks Gurminder to eat Daljit’s leftover.  Daljit leaves only half the bread for her, which make Gurminder feels very bad .  At the same, at Heer’s house, Shano tries to get Ravi against Heer but Ravi does not pay attention to her.

Heer sees a ring that she found on the road and recognizes that it is Virat’s ring.  She goes to Virat’s house in anger. Meantime Virat comes to his house and is about to go to his room, but only then Heer comes there and splash water on his face.  All are shocked to see Heer.  Parmeet comes to slap Heer but Heer stops her.  Heer says that she does not think they are related , so she has no right to raise her hand.  Heer says that Parmeet should slap Virat because he deserves it.

Sant asks her to stop her nonsense.  Heer says that she is not talking nonsense but is showing the true form of his son.  Virat’s sister calls her batmeez.  Heer says she has not done any work like batmeez people. Instead his brother is behind her.  Heer tells Virat that he should stay away from her now.  Heer cries that she mistook Virat as her own, but now Virat should give up .  Virat says that her tears does not work on him.  Heer says that then one thing she wants to end now and that is their bet, and the conclusion is that she has won and he has lost.  Heer starts going.  Heer say that if Virat harasses her again she will ruin him.

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