Shakti 26th Aug : Heer becomes an accident victim

Colors’ popular show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki entertaining plot is ruling on everyone’s heart.

At the beginning of the episode, Heer warns Virat that she will not leave him if Virat harasses her again. Parmeet asks her to leave her house.  Parmeet says if Heer comes here again, she will file an FIR against her. Heer says and if they bother her, she will write her history on her family.  Heer leaves after this. Parmeet says Heer will not improve.

Further, Heer remembers seeing a flower shop, how Virat once told the shopkeeper to make a bouquet of flowers that look like Heer. Heer goes to the shopkeeper and asks if he can send  someone the flowers. The shopkeeper says yes.  Heer then goes to her house from there. Preeto asks her where did she go. Heer says to meet Virat. Preeto and Harak are shocked. Heer says that she went to give Virat an answer in his language. She says that now Virat cannot stop her and she will face him because Hark and Harman’s blood runs in her.

On the other hand the shopkeeper gives flowers to Virat. Parmeet says who gave it. The shopkeeper says that a girl had come who said that she want to make a bouquet of flowers like her and want to send it over your house. Parmeet asks for the name. The man says that the girl made her address by calling her crazy, foolish and cynical. They understand that this is Heer’s doing. Parmeet describes these flowers as trash and goes to throw them. Virat stops her and says he will handle it himself. Virat goes up from there with a bouquet. Parmeet says if Virat and Heer keep colliding like this, then there can be a mess.

Further, Gurminder tells Virat that what he is doing to Heer is wrong. She says he should forget his hatred for Heer now. Virat says that he knows what he is doing and he does not need her lectures. Gurminder leaves from there sadly.

Then, Heer and Nutan talk. Nutan says Heer make a mistake by sending Virat a bouquet and now Virat will create a new commotion again.  Heer says she is not afraid him. Heer is going from there and becomes an accident victim.  Nutan takes her to the hospital. Heer’s housemates come there and are worried. Episode end.

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