Shaadi Mubarak 26th August : Rati wants big luxury car

Star Plus new show Shaadi Mubarak mesmerizing their audience with their top-notch performance.

At the beginning of the episode, Rati asks Preeti to come inside the house. Rati asks her to come inside with her. Rati then shows Preeti her new home. Rati says that she made the house white.  Rati says that everyone told her not to get white colored, it becomes messy. But still she chose it because it looks beautiful. Kusum says Rati will get her hair white very soon because black color is not that good and she laughs. Rati then talks sweetly with Preeti. Kusum’s daughters say that Rati is very sweet. Kusum says that she is telling her mother-in-law through her sweet words that she has to keep this white house clean.

Next, Rati starts the ritual of Pag Pkadai. Everyone give her gifts. Rati goes to Preeti and says she needs a beautiful and big car in the gift.  Everyone is shocked. Preeti says she does not have that much money yet because all the money will be spent in marriage. Juhi says it is okay, for now she should give Rati the bracelet she had brought. Juhi says that Preeti worked very hard in marriage and gave all the credit to Rati’s company, now Rati should get a car from her company. Sumedh also agrees with her.

After a while, Juhi and Preeti are having a conversation. Preeti says that she could not fulfill Rati’s wish. Juhi says both Rati and Tarun earn money and they will take the car by adding money themselves. There Rati is fighting with Tarun. Rati says that she had given half the money for car payment and Tarun only said that half her mother would give it. Rati says that her dreams broke. Tarun also curses his mother for this. Preeti says they should sell their Bundi’s house. Juhi refuses. Juhi says if she does that then she will go to her in-laws. Preeti laughs at this. Preeti then rubs her hair and sing her poem for Juhi. KT also sings Preeti’s poetry at his house and records it. And describes it as a good poem. KT says he should wear his Lucky Cap while recording. And when he is searching for his cap, a picture comes in front of him and he becomes sad.

Further, at Kusum’s house, Kusum’s daughters praise Preeti in front of her Pihu Di and say she looks exactly like Juhi’s sister. Kusum gets irritated and says that it is wrong she is mother and looks like mother. Sumedh and his sisters tease her more. Kusum says if Preeti is so sweet to Sumedh then he should stay with her. Sumedh says her mother is the sweetest.

In the morning, Preeti starts her routine by worshiping God. Everyone in KT’s house is happy to see his picture in the newspaper. While Preeti prepares aalu puri for breakfast and keeps the semolina roasted for the sweet ritual so that Rati can make it easily. But even then Rati refuses to cook the halwa.Tarun also forbids Preeti to cook tala buna. Further Tarun tells Preeti not to cook food today as he will go to his friend’s house for lunch, who has invited him to come with his family. Preeti also gets ready to go. But Tarun says that he meant Rati and he will go as family. Preeti says she is his mother and his family too.  She says that marriage does not change their relationships. Rati handles it and ask for forgiveness. Episode end.

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