Anupamma 27th Aug : Toshu is back at Shah Niwas

The Episode starts with Rakhi says to Anupamaa , she’s coming in between her and her daughter’s happiness. Anupamaa says Kinjal’s happiness is directly proportional to Toshu happiness then how can she comes in between. Rakhi answers that taking Toshu away means Kinjal has to live in Shah house. Means living the life like her. Rakhi is worried for Kinjal and says many things. Samar says to Rakhi you don’t have right to interfere. Your mom didn’t teach you manners. He says he would but if anybody will say ill about his mom then he will. He says if one of the son’s is standing mum that doesn’t mean the other one also. Samar says he wont tolerate his mother’s insult. Anupamaa says to him to keep quiet. Anupamaa talks about the value of studies and future. The kids should decide what is right or wrong for their future and not them. They have comply their duties of making them learn and providing good education. We shouldn’t stop them. They should walk with them, so that whenever they fall they should be there to rise them once again. Baa worship is on.

Rakhi says to stop this nonsense. And what is right for her daughter she knows and not somebody else. And even says that arrogance and household cant be together. Home is a temple. In temple if anybody bows then they will not be shallow person. Then she holds her hands. They have already consider Kinjal as their daughter. Rest is Kinjal decision. Then promo repeats. Rakhi says to Toshu to tell her mom to leave. Toshu is standing quiet. Vanraj is driving and imagining Toshu. Toshu is saying to him he will be a ghar jamai now and that he will be the owner of coaching center and also he and Kinjal will settle in US, he should be happy for him. In one go his son will be in super progress. Vanraj says what about him. He will leave him for a girl. And makes for emotional drama. He shouldn’t be overacting. Vanraj stops the car and says he is not overacting. He starts to cry. Background music plays. He says to himself that Toshu didnt break only his pride but also him.

Anupamaa holds Toshu hand and takes him. Rakhi is shocked but Kinjal is happy. Baa aarti is over. Vanraj comes home and ask for water. Then Baa was about to say where is Anupamaa, she enters. Toshu is there with her. Anupamaa seems happy and expects everybody be happy. Vanraj remembers everything. Anu says Toshu is back. But Vanraj shouts at top of his voice to stop Anu. The precap scene repeats. Baa is upset then Mamaji explains her. Anupamaa says she has crossed doorstep for their son and not for them. Baa is little happy.And brings Toshu in, even says sorry and scolds Toshu for his fault. Toshi is all bowed up in Vanraj feet. Toshu put his hands on his ears and cries. He is apologising to Vanraj, he says I love you.

Anupamaa is all teary eyed. He hugs him and says this wont happen again. Vanraj pats him and leaves. Baa says its OK if he realized. Baa says everything will be all right. Anu goes to temple to thank god. Then says things will take time to improve. Vanraj says thank you to Anupamaa that she has fixed his heart but Toshu has to re earn his trust. Anupamaa and Baa has discussion on Sweety. Anu says don’t say like that. They both are happy. Toshu is back in room with Samar. Toshu says sorry to him. Sweety says Samar(Winter) is right , how can he leave her too. Toshu hugs Sweety. Trio hugs and are happy. Anupamaa sees this. She and Toshu also hugs. Toshu says sorry to her. Anu says she made his favorite kheer. Toshu says wow. She is very happy.

Episode ends.

Precap: Vanraj says to Kavya I love you which is overheard by Sanju. Vanraj and Kavya are shocked. He is very strange. He calls Anupamaa. She says to Vanraj , Sanju explained her in full details what happens. Vanraj says the entire story.

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