Shaadi Mubarak 27th August : Preeti’s befitting reply to Tarun

At the beginning of the episode, KT’s housemates are still quite happy to see his picture. KT arrives and everyone calls him to the breakfast table. Bhua gives KT his favorite kachori to eat. Bhua then gives him some work. KT gets up to finish the job but Bhua asks him to finish eating first. KT does not listen and begins to leave. Everyone says that KT does not stop when he decides to do some work like he had opened a shop at midnight for the clock on his wedding day. KT gets angry after hearing about their marriage.

On the other hand, Preeti is in an artisan shop to make a new wardrobe from an old item and is giving them directions. That’s when the shopkeeper listens to KT’s poem. Preeti is shocked to hear it and thinks this is her poem. The shopkeeper praises KT, saying that KT has not given credit for the poem himself but has said that whoever writers the poem, go and meet her.

Shopkeeper and Preeti are talking. KT is also roaming in the market and sees Preeti’s wardrobe which he likes very much. KT starts moving towards that shop and Preeti notices him and hides so that she doesn’t get entangled in his talk again. KT enters the shop and asks about the cupboard. The shopkeeper states that it was made by a woman. KT is disappointed to hear this because he wants a similar wardrobe. But still KT leaves the shop with a smile and tells the shopkeeper that no problem.

Preeti comes after KT leave and gives the money for the wardrobe and asks the shopkeeper to get the wardrobe in her house. Rati and Tarun come home and talk about the car and notice the cupboard. Rati says who has gifted it. Preeti comes and tells that no one but her has brought it for them. Tarun says that this cupboard is expensive and when he asked for money for the car, she refused and now bought such an expensive wardrobe. Tarun curses her for this, on which Preeti also gets angry and she tells him to stay within his limits. Preeti says that this wardrobe is not expensive because she has made it new from old. Rati and Tarun are shocked.

Further, Preeti is sitting unhappy in her room and Rati comes to her and apologizes. Rati says Tarun is upset, so he has said all this. Rati says that they had told everyone that they would take an expensive car and now they do not have that much money. Preeti is sad to know her agony. There, Juhi is worried about her mother. Tarun asks what happened? Juhi says that her mother has come new here so she is worried. Kusum says, she can invite them for dinner. Juhi is very happy. Then Kusum watches KT’s poem video. Juhi thinks this is her mother’s poem.

Preeti is very upset and thinks to solve Tarun’s problem. Preeti remembers that KT wants the same wardrobe. She thinks of selling him this wardrobe. She searches KT’s number and calls him. But due to hesitation there is frequent cutting. KT then calls her and asks who she is. Preeti tells him about the wardrobe and says she will sell it for 40,000. KT is happy to hear this.

Precap: Preeti faces charges of theft from Rati’s office.

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