Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 27th Aug : Roshni is in trouble

At the beginning of the episode Aman brings Roshni back to Junaid Haveli. Everyone is shocked to see them. Aman says that the light will be here only for the child. Aman says that now they will be like strangers. Aman tells everyone else not to talk with Roshni. Saying this, Aman goes away from there. There, Rehan is injured and asks Shayari to remove the arrows. Shayari gets nervous and says that she cannot do this. Rehan insists her to do so. Shayari does the same and removes the arrow.

Next, Aman enters the room and sees Roshni awakening and tells her to sleep. Roshni falls asleep at his insistence. There Shayari brings the arrow out of Rehan’s chest. Rehan then tells Shayari about leaving from there. Shayari says that she cannot leave him in such a condition. Rehan says that now she is free from his side and she can leave. Rehan gives her the keys to his car and asks her to leave.

On the other hand, Daadi screams loudly and everyone comes to her after hearing her scream and is shocked to see Mahira hanging in the air. Aman thinks of freeing her from his spell but fails. Rubina tells him that this is the hunter’s magic so Aman cannot cure it with his magic. Rubina says that she has possessed Mahira.

Rehan comes in his senses and he sees Shayari next to him. He asks Shayari why she did not she go. Shayari says because he was in trouble. Rehan gets a call from Aman. He picks up his phone. Aman asks him about his well being. Rehan says he’s fine. The householder asks Aman why he did not tell Rehan about Mahira. Aman says so that he is not worried. Rubina sprinkles marble powder so that Mahira is cured.

They wonder where Roshni went. They go to Roshni’s room and see Roshni is crying in pain. They find out that this is happening because the time of childbirth is near. Rubina says that the pain of Roshni can be less with diamond. Rehan says that the diamond is with him. He asks for a ring from Shayari which has a diamond. Shayari tells him that she has given it to the borrowers. Rehan angrily sends Shayari out of the house to find the ring. There, Roshni tell her agony to Aman. Both are unhappy. Episode ended.

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