Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th Aug : Manish is same to same

The episode starts with Kaira talks about chori that from inspector’s reference they came to know about same orphanage where the she was staying before. Naira says she doesn’t feel right to which Kartik says if they she will stay here that will be wrong. Naira says yes. Kartik says they don’t have any connection and any type of relation . How can she stay??

Chori says she wont be going to Ashram, its better to stay on roads and sell stuff. She puts ladoos in boxes and takes toys , suddenly she got a little hurt. She tells herself looking at the mirror. Kaira has a moment together , curtains play major role. Then Kartik says how can somebody dreams when they cant even sleeps. Then Kartik goes. Samarth says to Gayu that he will make him swing and also to his Kanha ji, Gayu mutters that this much attachment isn’t good , what if daughter is born. Then comes Keerti and Naksh , Naksh goes romantic and kisses Keerti. Chori comes to Kairav room and says why cant she get a room like this. Kartik helps Naira wears all jewelry and Naira also helps him same, the Background music plays Oh more Saiyaann….

Bhabhimaa , Daadi and Swarna talks about the dance that it should be same and that this effort should pay. Bhabhi maa says your pains will be carried off soon. Swarna says when they say asap. Daadi says to keep calm and patience. Bhabhimaa says no obstacle is hard. Chori is too keen to escape. Manish watches her. Kaira coming down. They started dance all are positive. Manish also enjoys everything. He takes flute and play with it. They danced again. Manish sees them.All photographs everybody is waiting to see some improvement but all in vain. Manish is back to square one. Chori says god you should make him alright. Kartik is shaken up, Manish is still not OK. Chori is about to leave, Manish follows her. Naira says why this happening then Kartik says says sorry to all and says he cant do anything. And says he change. Naira also goes for change. Chori leaves. Naira is consoling a crying Kartik. Naira says will try again , Kartik says not we only I will try again. He says if somebody breaks trust once then to trust again is very difficult. Naira says whatever happened today will not be repeated. Swarna is crying too much.

Everybody is making her feel good. Swarna goes crying. Surekha says its easy to say to keep calm but the person who is suffering only knows the pain of it. Surekha says where is Manish. All are searching. Naksh says let me search. Kartik says he can understand the pain but Swarna says nobody can understand not even herself. Swarna says Manish doesn’t even remember her , Kartik says we will try and get succeed. Naira says its enough for her that whatever she said , he repeated it. Akhilesh says where is Manish. Naira is shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap: All are searching Manish and Chori also.
Suddenly all saw Manish in torn clothes. Playing with chori on road. All are shocked.

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