Yeh Hain Chahtein 26th Aug : Preesha is all anxious

The episode statrts with Ahana breaks out news of Preesha and Rudra is going for a talk show. She says stars get crazy to come to that show. Ahana insists them even after Presha saying no. Rudra says he wants to do bring into limelight that he is going to school because of Saransh. Preesha says even if Rudra havnt done all this then also she will do the show, to show the world who is real Rudra. Ahana is happy.

Ahana thinks she will make Rudra a famous star and that he wont be able to see Preesha. Blackmailer calls Preesha. He orders Preesha that Rudra should hit her. He doesnt know how but he should. Preesha should force him, that too on National Television. Preesha is really tensed and says how could she do all this. This show is for Rudra image building and not for this. Rudra ask everything is ok to which she says yes. Ahana says Preesha should try some western look.Ahana leaves for arrangements after Preesha says No to her dressing idea. Rudra says Ahana is like this. Rudra suspects something in Preesha eyes.

Neerja and Sahil are talking. Yuvi comes to meet him and says why he betrayed him. Your wife’s doctor is his ex fiancee. They both continue talking about Preesha and Rudra . That they are getting tags of most famous and lovable couple. Sahil gets upset of Rudra and Preesha attending Chetna’s live chat show. They had an argument. Yuvi is shocked to hear the news. Sahil says to him to stop this show to heppen.

Saransh says to Presha about his studies. Rudra claps and enter the room. He says wow and he needs to talk with Preesha. Saransh says talk and no fight , Rudra says yes.Rudra ask fir Problem meanwhile Yuvi calls. Preesha receives. He says why on eartb Preesha doinng a show with Rudra. Preesha says she is not doing anything bad. Yuvi is really very upset. Rudra say who the hell is Yuvi to interfere. Rudra says Preesha might miss him afterall they are ex lovers. Preesha says he doesnt understands her. Preesha says she knows her limit and her boundries. Rudra leaves. Preesha says how will she going to end these.

Balraj is happy that Ahana organised Rudra chat show. Ahana ask Rudra and Sharda to get ready on time. Rudra says they will. Lights and camera persons come from Chetna’s team. Yuvi says he is all worried for her and that Amma should deject Preesha on doing the show. Preesha went to Khurana’s for Saransh and not to express her and Rudra non existing love story. Appa and Amma are explaining Yuvi about Preesha move. Preesha is happy there and Preesha is mature to understand. Yuvi thinks normally of killing Appa.Yuvi has some plans for the show to spoil it.
Episode ends.

Precap: Preesha gets a reminder call from the blackmailer. Yuvi says to somebody on falling of”jhoomar” on Rudra and Preesha.Rudra saves Preesha.


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