Barrister babu 26th Aug : Mini and Binoy’s wicked tricks

Colors show Barrister Babu gaining audience interest by their unique story line and high voltage twist and turns.


At the beginning of the episode, Master ji take out his wand. Bondita thinks why has Master brought such a big stick. Bondita asks if she has said anything wrong. Master ji says no, not at all.  Master says that he is very happy that Bondita told the truth. Master ji then asks Bondita to start the class. There Mini come into her senses.  Anirudh is happy to see this. Anirudh gives milk to Mini so that she can get some strength. He then asks her how she fainted. Mini starts lying to Anirudh so that Anirudh gets caught in her words. Mini then says she is fine and tells Anirudh to go to Bondita as she has her first class today.

There, Master teaches the first letter “A” to Bondita and asks Bondita to write exactly the same. Master ji tells Bondita not to make mistakes because he does not like mistakes.  Bondita’s hands aching due to grinding of flour it is not able to written properly. Bondita writes the wrong word. Master ji says that this is absolutely wrong. Bondita asks, will she get punishment?  Master says no because he forgives 3 mistakes on the first day. He asks her to try again. But Bondita again and again writes wrong. And Master ji hit her hand with stick. Bondita hand’s hurts she thinks where Anirudh is. There, Anirudh says he should go now and Somnath will take care of her. Anirudh then gets out of there.

Master ji tells Bondita that he had already warned her that he will punished her after three mistakes. Bondita panics and runs from the study hall. Bondita hides under the table and says that now she will come out only when Anirudh comes. At the same time, Anirudh enters the house and hears the voice of Bondita’s sobs and finds her under the table. Anirudh asks what happened. Bondita tells him that Master ji beat her with a stick. Anirudh says he will talk to him. But then the voice comes from the study room and Anirudh and Bondita go there. There the hands and feet of Master Ji are tied. This is the trick of Binoy and Mini so that Bondita falls in the eyes of Anirudh. Next, Anirudh asks who did this.  Master says Bondita. Anirudh gets shocked and does not believe him. Master ji says that he is not lying and he should believe his words.  Master says that Bondita is the grandmother of Shetan. Bondita thinks why Master ji is lying to Anirudh. Episode end.

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