Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th Aug : Manish is back at home

The episode starts with everybody is searching Manish in the house then they go in the car to search him. Even Chori is missing everybody is searching her too. Naksh suspects that are they together. Naira says whatsoever, they should be happy and content. Kartik is really angry. Daadi prays to god that she wants her kid back. A man on road tells them about Manuu. Kartik tells him not to call him mad. Naira prays. Daadi and Swarna also worries. They say Manish is not in a condition to take care of himself.

All of them who are searching, observe that Manish is wearing torn clothes and is behaving like beggar. Chori is in kanhaji avtaar. Kartik shouts to stop all this. Chori says now bomb will blast. All are stunned to see him. Kartik makes Mannu wear his shirt. Then chori says she just went from home. She didn’t say to Mannu to beg or dance.

He is doing at his own wish. Naira scolds Chori. For coming like this in Krishna get up. Chori says she doesn’t wants to go to Ashram so she escapes. Kartik is all in mixed feelings. He says Mannu lets go. Kartik says Chori will not come to his place at all and warns Naira. Naira looks like all sad. Naksh says she will stay with them till Ashram people will take her. She says No she wont go. Naira tells her the pros and cons of staying on the road. Chori is too adamant.

Naira says no need to argue with her. Shes coming to her place. Naira says she cant see Kartik like this. Naksh takes Chori and Naira is consoled by Akhilesh. Kartik brings Mannu back. Background music plays. Everybody blames Naira , Naira tries to defend and says they everybody should understand her. She also went through a lot and faced the same situation.

All apologized her. Kittu is getting Mannu dressed up. He seems to be broken almost seeing Mannu beg. He cries. Kittu throws all the money. Then he realized his fault. Chori in Singhania house and is planning to run away. Doctor tells Geonkas about Mannu health and his surgery as suggested by doctor Jaswani. Doctor insists for operation, but Kartik says no. Kartik says one more surgery is not good as already one happened. He read on net. Doctor says internet is not always right. Kartik says no and the doctor leaves. Naira sees.

Episode ends.

Precap: Naira Birthday celebration. A courier boy comes and tells them that Manish has bought Akshara dance academy.

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