Barrister babu 27th Aug : The lie of Master Ji puts Anirudh in a dilemma

In the beginning of the episode, Master ji asks to believe his point. Anirudh says how can he believe that a little girl can do so much. Master ji then tells Anirudh that Bondita has no interest in studies and that is why she did all this. He says that Bondita was running in the middle and when he was stopping her, Bondita pushed him and he fall and his glasses broke. And taking advantage of this, she tied him. Bondita says she did not do this and Master ji is lying. The master says that he is not lying. Bondita says Master ji hit her with a stick but still she kept quiet and did not say a word. Master says that he never hit any of his students. He has even taught Mini and they can ask her.

Binoy says that he can ask only the people of the house. Binoy then asks Bihari and Koyli if they saw anything like Bondita said. Bihari says he saw it. Bihari says that he saw that Master ji’s behavior was good with Bondita. Everyone is surprised to hear Bihari’s words, everyone feels that Bondita is lying. Master ji says that Bondita is very naughty and if Bondita was in his class, he would have given a name to Bondita and that name would have been a Badmash Bondita. Trilochan gets angry after hearing this. He scolds the master for calling Bondita a crook. Bondita says how her hands turned red if she is lying. All are shocked to see her red hands.

Trilochan gets more angry and he tells the master how dare he beat Bondita with a stick. Trilochan says that this is an insult to the daughter-in-law of the Roy household and if education gives insult then there is no use of it. Bihari says that Bondita’s hands have turned red due to grinding of flour. Trilochan scolds him. Anirudh says he can scold Bihari but he can’t keep him silent. Anirudh says, is it fair when she does housework and has pain? Trilochan gives no answer.

Further, Anirudh cannot decide who is lying and who is not which is why he finds an idea. Anirudh apologizes by joining hands to Master Ji. Anirudh says that he is sorry for the mistakes of Bondita. He asks Master ji to give Bondita another chance. He says this time he will sit with them himself so that nothing like this happens. Master ji agrees and walks away. Bondita says that she does not want to study with this Master. Anirudh pacifies her by saying that this time he will be with her and will not let anything happen to her. Episode end.

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