Shakti 27th Aug : Nutan blames Virat for Heer’s accident

At the beginning of the episode, Virat makes tea as an apology for her sister-in-law, because yesterday he had insulted his sister-in-law with his bitter words. Virat gives her tea, which makes Gurminder’s heart happy after drinking it. Both of them are talking among themselves that only then Nutan enters their house and calls Virat while screaming. The family members of Virat ask why she has come here. Nutan tells because Virat tries to kill his friend. Daljeet says how can she accuse Virat and for this he can also put her in jail. Nutan says do whatever he wants but brings Virat in front of her. Parmeet kicks her out of the house. Nutan falls but still calls Virat saying that if he has courage then come in front of her.

Virat comes there and asks what she wants. Nutan blames him for Heer’s condition. Nutan says he hit Heer with his car, causing her to be in a hospital and is in critical condition. Nutan says that if something happens to Heer, she will not leave him and destroy him. She starts going from there, but Virat stops her and says that if Heer comes in his way, he will not leave her. Nutan says that she will one day prove that eunuchs are better than them.

Jharana comes there and asks Virat what this eunuch was doing here. Virat tells her everything. Jharana tells him to forget all this. They go in and Gurminder asks him if Virat has actually got Heer an accident because he was saying so last night. Virat says he did not do this. Jharana says that she has full faith in Virat that he has not done so.

Parmeet remembers that he and Daljeet had plans to kill Heer. Parmeet thinks that she did not want Heer to come back to Virat’s life, so she did it. Sant tells Parmeet and Daljeet that he knows that Parmeet has done this. Parmeet and Daljeet get shocked. Sant says he is a policeman and cannot hide such things from him. Sant says, but now they have to kill Heer at any cost or else they will be exposed after she regaining her consciousness. Parmeet and Daljeet agree with this. On the other hand, Heer is in a bad condition and when Dr. informs this to Harak, Harak becomes unhappy. Rohan comforts him and says that Heer will be fine and Preeto is also with her, so there is nothing to worry about. Further there is a fight between a man and Soham as he uses insignificant words about his family.

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