Barrister babu 28th Aug : Anirudh’s scolding hurts Bondita

The episode starts with Anirudh tells Bondita that education is very important for her. Then it is 5 o clock. Trilochan says that now stop the lecture of studies because now it is time for the evening aarti and Bondita will do it. Somnath then comes there and informs Anirudh that Mini is on the roof. Anirudh and the others flee. They see that Mini is running above the wall. Everyone tries to stop her with a loud voice. But Mini plays as if she is not in consciousness. Anirudh and Bondita get worried about Mini and try to open the door to go to the terrace to stop her but fail. But Bondita opens the window and goes through it to Mini and saves her.

They then take Mini to the room and Anirudh asks her if she is alright. Bondita says that Mini is fine because she has saved her and he doesn’t need to worry. Then Bondita would ask Mini why she had gone to the roof and she gave such a voice, yet why did she not listen. Mini says that she has no idea what happened to her. Mini says that she was neither seeing nor hearing anything and she felt as if she is in deep sleep. Mini says she doesn’t feel good. Bondita says she will take care of her. At the same time Mini’s father comes and asks Bondita to stay away from Mini. Anirudh tells her to leave from there. But Bondita refuses and says that Mini needs her and she will stay here. When Bondita insists not to go from there, Anirudh rebukes her and orders her to leave.

Further, Bondita comes to her house and sees that Aarti is already done. Bondita thinks that today is the day of her scolding. Bondita thinks that Trilochan will scold her. Then Trilochan comes there. Bondita apologizes to him. Trilochan tells her to put her hand forward, Bondita thinks that Trilochan will punish her. Bondita tells Trilochan not to hit her on the hand as her hand is already hurt. But Trilochan takes her hand and puts sandalwood and Bhringraj ointment on it. Bondita gets emotional after seeing this and says Trilochan is very good and she is feel quite cool and relaxed with this paste. Trilochan says that Bondita is also very good. And scolds Master ji for hurting Bondita.

Trilochan says what kind of use of studies if that troubles you. Trilochan says that Bondita is skilled in household chores and she should do the same and write studies not just for her. Trilochan says therefore she should concentrate only on household chores. Trilochan further speaks many such things that make Bondita’s mind afraid to study and she should focus only on household work. Episode end.

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