Anupamma 28 November 2020 Written Update : Hansmuk takes a big step

At the beginning of the episode, Dolly tells Anupama not to be separated from Vanraj. Because if they separated, the house would break. Anupama says why the responsibility of the house rests with the women. Dolly says she doesn’t know. But nowadays, men are like those who get carried away for some time but come back. Anupama tells her to think wrong. She says the man has all rights. But when it comes to saving, why should the woman save the house. When families belong to both of them, then why should only the woman take care of the house. Sanjay agrees with Anupama’s fact. He tells Anupama that he will stand with Anupama in her every step. He tells that he will take Meenu in the morning, and he and Dolly leave.

In the morning, Nandni and Samar face each other. Nandni asks her how is everyone at home. Samar says nothing is right. He starts going from there. He remembers that he proposed to Nandni, but when she doesn’t want to talk about it, he won’t bother her.

Kavya tells Vanraj that he should leave his house and come to her. Vanraj refuses. Kavya is scared that Hanmukh and Leela should take Vanraj away from him. Whereas Vanraj says that his family is more important to him. Anupama gives tea to Hansmuk and Leela and asks them to start the day with a smile. Anupama massages with oil on the feet of the Hunsmuk. Vanraj comes and apologizes to Hansmuk.

Hansmuk says that we should not take big decisions in anger. Thus he did not give his decision last night. But now, after thinking all night, he has decided that Vanraj will not stay in his house. Everyone is shocked. Hansmuk goes from there. Leela follows him. Vanraj and Anupama see each other. Leela tries to convince Hansmuk not to do so. Leela says she is with Anupama and will improve Vanaraj’s mistake but just don’t expellee Vanraj. Hansmuk says his son is wrong, so he will support the right and not the wrong.

Vanraj goes to Pakhi. He tries to talk to her. But Pakhi runs away from there. Anupama goes after her. Pakhi breaks down. She says that she hates Vanraj. Anupama handles her. Vanraj tells Paritosh that he should trust him. Paritosh says he was an idiot who supported him. Paritosh says there is no difference between Leela and Anupama. So why did he leave Anupama? Pakhi tells Anupama that she does not want to stay away from her parents. Paritosh tells Vanraj that he can no longer trust Vanraj nor forgive him.

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