Shaadi Mubarak 28 November 2020 Written Update : Preeti and KT get married

At the beginning of the episode, Pandit Ji asks KT whether the marriage will happen here or not. KT says no. He has always been single and will be alone. While he is dropping the pillar, Preeti holds KT’s hand. Kusum says the bride is ready. Both will start their new life today. Tarun is going from there. Kusum stops him and asks him to support her mother in her big decision. Kusum says the credit for this also goes to him because his mother would not have decided if he did not hurt her.

Pandit Ji starts speaking the mantra and asks who will make the alliance. KT’s father says he will. They combine KT and Preeti. KT and Preeti look at each other. Pandit Ji asks who will do kanyadan. Kusum looks at Tarun. She then says that she will do it. Preeti is happy with Kusum’s decision. Kusum puts Preeti’s hand in KT’s palm and starts the process of bestowing. Nandani is sad.

Panditji asks KT to fill vermilion in Preeti’s forehead. KT takes sindoor daani and fills Preeti’s forehead with sindoor. Preeti remembers KT words. In which KT tells Preeti that he can never give pain to Preeti. Preeti gets emotional. While KT puts Mangalasutra on Preeti’s neck. Then both get married. Nandni looks at them with angry eyes. She starts going from there in anger.

In the flashback, Kusum asks Preeti for her decision. She says that KT loves her. Preeti says KT has a lot on his mind but does not have a love for her. She says that KT told her that if he is not get married, then he will take care of everything. But she knows that KT will not be able to handle himself and will break. And she did not allow it to happen. Kusum says if she plays the relationship without love? Preeti says that she has forgotten the feeling of love. But she remembers that KT respected her and has always stood by her. She says the man who accompanied her on her every move. She cannot leave the man alone, so she decides to marry him to support him. And will put ointment on his heart wound. Flashback over.

Preeti thinks that she knows that there is no love in their relationship, but respect is full. And with this, they will play this relationship. Marriage takes place. Preeti says that KT’s happiness is included in her happiness from today itself.

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