Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28 November 2020 Written Update : An explosion in the house!

At the beginning of the episode, Kairav was next to Kartik, not to go anywhere as he want to stay here only. Kairav said he would stay here only with Vansh and said he would take Naira with her. Kartik said they would go to a better where he will find his new friends. Dadi was requesting Manish to stop Karfik from leaving the house. Naira asked Kartik that the decision they have taken is right or wrong. Kartik said we had taken the right decision.

Naira said Manish and Dadi would not be able to live without Kairav. Naida said, him to find a better solution for this situation suddenlyKartik shouted at Naira for being rude to Kairav and forcing him for one thing. Naira said the fix everything by discussing with Vansh and Kairav, but Kartik said clearly that she would not go close to Kairav. Naira requested Kartik to let her go to Kairav once.

Kartik allowed her and said for the last time, he is trusting you. Swarna was cooking and suddenly fainted. Kartik balanced her and took her aside. Naira went a cartoon costume and went to Kairav. Kairav thought Kartik is inside that costume. Naira hugged Kairav.

Kairav was asking to open the costume, but Naira picked him and started dancing with him and played for a while. Then Naira removed the mast, and Kairav was shocked to See Naira and suddenly started shouting Kartik and hid behind the table. Naira received a call from the police that they have found some recording xor which they have to sign the papers Kairav was scared to hear his conversation with the police and ran outside.

Dadi was trying to Karrikt that everything will get fixed soon. Naira was searching for Kariav, and he was hiding from her. Naira was searching for Kairav, and Kairav thought of turning off the lights. Kartik saw Naira and askes her about the Kairav. Kairav turned off the lights, and an explosion took near the kitchen.

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