Yeh Hain Chahtein 28 November 2020 Written Update : Mahima was troubling Preesha

At the beginning of the episode, Saransh went to Rudkraksh and Pressha and scolded them for leaving him alone with an Artificial mother. Rudkraksh started tickling Saransh and coll down his aggression. Mahima was peeping from the door, and suddenly Preesha noticed her and asked her to come inside. Mahina apologizes for sleeping next to Saransh and Rudkraksh.

Gps was worried about Mahima as Ahana and Balraj use to trouble Preesha. Shardha was saying Mahima is alright and happy there. God and Sharadha took the side of their daughters. Preesha was helping Rudkraksh and Saransh for the class. Rudkraksh requested Preesha to help him in tieing the lace. Preesha said Mahima to comb Saransh hair as she will help Rudkraksh.

Mahima was combing, and Preesha was admiring her and tied laces wrongly. Preesha asked Mahima to get ready as they will go to the doctor. Mahima’s suitcase lock was not opening than Preesha said she to wear her clothes, but Mahima was feeling wired. Mahima picked one of her dresses.

Preesha and Mahima went to the doctor, where they came across Yuvraj and said, Him to stay away from him. Yuvraj said he had come here for the clerk job. The doctor came and said Mahima’s situation is very sensitive and dangerous. The doctor advised medicine should not be skipped. Saransh was playing a video game, Mahima and Pressha came with paper for paper art. Preesha said, today, they will make a paper boat, and suddenly Preesha whispered to Saransh dor, helping Mahima in making it. Then Saransh helped her, and them mutual okay with each other.

Rudkraksh finished his work and started searching for Saransh and preesha. Gps came to Khurana’s house and cams across Ahana, and she taunted him for regularly coming to this house. Rudraksh went and hugged Pressha from the back, but she got to know that She was Mahima standing wearing a Pressha dress and apologies to her and was about to leave noticed Gps at the door. Gps said Mahima to come with him as Pressha will get into trouble because of him. Suddenly Preesha came and asked for Sharadha, but Gps said he alone has come to take Mahima with her. Preesha said to leave this decision on Mahima, and she feels happy here. Mahima also said that she would live here only and. Not go anywhere.

Gps advised Mahima to take care of Preesha. Mahima recalled past moments when Saransh shouted at him, and she woke up and started walking outside. Pressha came to Rudkraksh, and Saransh then reminds them that she forgets to feed her medicine to Mahima and went to her room and found her missing and panicked.

Episode end

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