Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 28 November 2020 Written Update : Virat return home

At the beginning of the episode, Usha cried and hugged Sai and told her she would not come with her. Virat was insisting Usha come with us for Sai. Everyone was also saying the same thing to Usha. Usha cried and thanked Virat for taking her too with him. Everyone departed from there. Sai thought that what will happen to him in the future. Pakhi and Virat shared their eye on the mirror. Suddenly Sunny applied the brakes, and Virat put his hand in front of Sai to odometer her.

Pakhi saw the view and felt terrible and recalled all the last moments with Virat. Pakhi and Virat were silently crying. They reached home and came out of the car. Bhavini gave cooking instructions to Sonali and Ashwini. Karishma came inside and said Virat gas arrived and there is a big surprise dort everyone. All the members arrived at the gate to welcome Virat.

Bhawani saw Sai and askes about her. Bhawani thought Sai is the female actress of Mohit drama company. Karishma said she is Virat’s wife Bhavani scolded her for speaking such a nuisance. Virat itself cleared that he has married Sai. Everyone was shocked to hear this. Bhawani was not accepting it and says, Virat to stop joking like Mohit drama company, but Virat said it’s true. Bhavani started shouting at him and said, Sai to get out of the house. Sai was standing mute immediately. Virat said about Kamal to Bhavani that if Kamal sir would be alive, then today she would see his dead body.

Virat said he saved his life. Bhavini said, you have married her to pay back his sacrifice. Bhavini said he should have informed us we would help her by giving her some money. All started Taunting Virat for his unusual marriage. Virat said he is only doing his responsibility. Virat said Sai is not having anyone else in this world, so how can he leave her alone.

Virat told some goons was troubling Sai, and his father has saved his life, so it’s his responsibility. Baba said there would be more options, but why he chose this one. Bhawani said, why he did not share this with us. Virat said what he has decided is right for him.

Episode end

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