Qurbaan Hua 30 November 2020 Written Update : Chahat caught Godhambhari

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat was trying to hide his face from Vyas Ji. Vyas Ji started distributing Tulsi leaves to everyone. Chahat covered herself with a cloth and applied ink on her face. Vyas Ji asked her about her face, but Chahat said pen ink hit leaked. Vyas Ji gave them blessings and departed.

Chahat was thinking of going to that dealer’s house after completing his paper as her wife has called from whom she got those bangles. Neel tied a thread on a tree and requested God to fulfill Chahat wish. Bhupender said, Neel not to worry as Chahat is an intelligent girl. Neel said she wasted much of time on him. Chahat found most of the questions were from that one chapter that she left. Suddenly Neel left eye started blinking, and Neel startest panicking that Chahat might be in trouble.

Chahat noticed short answers chit below her desk, and then she saw Neel was throwing it from the window. Chahat came near the window and told Neel to go from there. Guards caught Neel and checked his pockets, and they founded many cheats and warned him to reveal the name to whom he came here to help him. Alekh was at the jewelry shop and giving the order to make bangles like Saraswati. Chahat came out and got to know that guards are beating Neel to find out whom he came to help.

Chahat went running there and stooped them to do so. Chahat accepted Neel as his husband in front of the principal. And admitted that he came here to help her, but Chahat told her she did not cheat. The principal asked why your husband does such a nuisance for you. Chahat said she is lucky for having such a husband who risks himself for me every time. Chahat held Neel’s hand and went out from there.

Chahat got a message from the lady that she had called the Saraswati bangles seller, and Neel was sharing his feelings, but she moved ahead, and Neel was standing there only. Chahat arrived at her home and went inside to see who sold Sarawati bangles to that lady. Chahat saw Godhmbhari and was surprised to see her.

Godhmbhari got frightened to see Chahat. Chahat balmed Godhmbhari for planning to kill Neel. Chahat asked what she was doing at the factory. Godhmbhari said someone is blackmailing him, so she sold those bangles. Chahat believed in her words and gets confused about who planned to kill Neel.

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