Kundali bhagya 30 November 2020 Written Update : Ramona provokes Dadi and Kareena against Sarla

At the beginning of the episode, Sherlyn tells Preeta that the matter is not fought in court with words. We need evidence which she does not have nor will get because she has destroyed all the evidence. Mahira says that she is pleased today because today she completed her revenge. By sending Sarla to jail.

Preeta gets angry, and she slaps her. There, Srishti meets Sarla. Sarla smiles upon seeing her. Srishti asks why she is smiling. Sarla says because every time she helps her, and today she has come to support her. After a while, Janki also come. Sarla asks Janaki why she told Preeta the truth. Janaki says that she went to Luthra House in anger; thus, Preeta came to know.

Preeta says this slap is to hurt her mother. She tells Sherlyn that she was already useless, and now she has become worse by staying with Mahira. She curses their mother for teaching them wrong. She asks Mahira how her mother can do such an act. Mahira says her mother can do this because she is the mastermind. And sitting in the hotel, she has destroyed Preeta’s life. Mahira says it would be better for Preeta if she breaks her fast. Preeta laughs and says, so that is why you guys play such a big drama.

Ramona arrives when Kareena and Dadi are talking about Kritika. She is excited about Mahira’s fast and asks Kareena if they have done the puja. Kareena says no and tells her the whole story. Ramona tells Kareena and Dadi to provoke them against Sarla that she deliberately does that so only Preeta can give the first child to the Luthra family. There Preeta tells Mahira that she will complete the fast with full devotion, and no one can stop her from doing so.

Ramona further gives Rishabh a false consolation. Rishabh says he does not need this because he can say with certainty that Sarla has not done anything like this. Girish calls Preeta, Mahira, and Sherlyn for puja. Mahira meets Ramona, and she put on a drama in front of every that she is feeling very weak. There Rishabh takes Sherlyn with him and asks her to consider her decision once again.

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