Nagin 5 28 November 2020 written update – Bani wants to expose Chandrakala

At the beginning of the episode, Markat is walking in the cave. And Bani is looking for a way in the cave with the help of a torch. She later find out Anant waterfall. Markat is behind her and she is happy that Bani has found a way to the waterfall. Bani is happy to see the waterfall. There is also a door. Bani thinks about going near the door. Door calls Bani on his side. Bani walks towards the door. There Veer asks Jai where is Bani. Jai is unable to say anything. Veer thinks Bani is behind the elusive way. He moves towards the elusive road. Bani is going towards the door. But the Markat stop her. She laughs and says what did Bani think that she will let Bani go to the door. No, never she will not let this happen because this door is for her reception. Bani says why then she could not reach this door. Why she needed her help. She says this is because she is half serpent and half eagle. And she did not get the power of the whole serpent and eagle because she is not worth it.

Markat gets angry. She strangles Bani. Bani says she is not afraid of dying. Markat says then she will instill fear in her mind. She with fights Bani and pushes her. And grows towards the door. Veer is bursting into the cave. Jai stops him. Veer attacks him. While Jai tells him that Markat has taken Bani to the elusive cave. And Markat is no one else but his mother Chandrakala. Jai also tells Veer that Chandrakala is his mother too. Veer gets shocked after knowing this truth. Bani tries to stop Markat. But Markat summons Asuras and attacks Bani. She ties Bani with a magic rope so that Bani does not act. She performs a ritual and says that Bani will die as soon as the black moon rings. She adds that she will cut Bani in half so that Bani becomes weak.

Markat is about to attack Bani with a sword. But at the same time Jai and Veer come there and stop the hand of Markat. Veer looks into Markat’s eyes and asks if she is really his mother. Markat pushes Veer. But Veer handles himself and attacks her. Jai attacks the asuras. Markat is about to strike Bani with a stone but Veer save Bani. Markat says why his children are fighting for a girl. Veer and Jai say that because she is a bad woman. Markat accepts this and says that she will end Bani’s game today. Jai takes the form of Nag and Bani take serpent avtar. Markat panics and runs away. Jai and Veer heal Bani’s wounds. Veer tells Jai to stay away from Bani. Jai says he wants to help Bani. Bani says to Jai that he does not need to show off because she knows his truth. Jay says but he has changed now. Bani says but she can’t believe him. She tells Veer that they should go home. Jai also goes after them. There Meera tells Tapesh why he has not been doing anything. So many things have gone bad but he is just standing here. That’s when Bani, Veer and Jai come home. Meera is happy to see Bani.

Next she takes all of them to Markat. Markat pretends to be weak. Bani asks her to stop her play. Meera and Tapesh are shocked to see such behavior of Bani. While Bani accuses Chandrakala. Meera says Chandrakala was attacked by an animal, so Bani’s allegations are false. Bani talks to Jai and Veer. They believes in Chandrakala. Bani tells them not to trust the wrong person. Bani ask Jai when he came to know that Markat was his mother. Jay tells the whole story.

Bani says that she will soon prove that Chandrakala is a markat. Veer and Jai ask him how. Bani says she will not sleep in the room today. Jai says this is a good decision because staying in a room with Veer is dangerous. Veer forbids Jai from taking evil behind his back. There is a fight between the two. Bani tells Veer that it would be good if Veer goes to his room. Veer says he will not go. Bani slips the sofa after taking serpent avatar, that sofa hits Veer’s feet. He gets shocked.

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