Choti Sarrdaarni 28 November 2020 Written Update – Vikram is ready with all proofs

At the beginning of the episode, Sarab says to Meher that Vikram took back his case and is not going to implement a case upon them in court for Karan’s custody. Meher seems reduced listening to him. He transmits a video of Karan to Vikram and summons him to meet Karan. Vikram cuts the video call with Aditi saying he has to attend an urgent call even though she confronted him, but he neglected her. She states it’s always his work that comes among them. The next day, Meher and Sarab plead for their family’s peace. Kulwant and her family meet Meher, Sarab, and Param there.

Kulwant pleads to God to resolve the obstacles between her and Meher saying this block affecting her so much. Meher queries Amrita that did she told Kulwant about her project about starting a coaching center. Amrita responds saying, she didn’t speak to her about it still. Meher says today is really a good day and suggests her to talk to Kulwant. Sarab, Meher, Param drinks tea from the outside temple. Meher compliments the flavor. Amrita says she wants to talk to Kulwant saying Lovely’s business running at a failure, so she thought of something to help him. Kulwant mockingly asks is she planning to sell her to help her mother’s family and doesn’t let her speak anything. Amrita gets disappointed hearing her and leaves from there. Kulwant shocks seeing Vikram there.

Sarab gives Karan to him and provides the sweet to him saying he can serve him. Vikram shockingly seems at Sarab. Sarab says Karan is his son also so he can do this for sure. Vikram serves him happily and remembers about blood sample test and confesses to his son in mind for giving endeavor to him and says soon he will be with his father. He thanks Sarab for this, but their struggle will continue for his powers.

Vikram gets a call from the DNA reporter delivery boy. He recognizes Harleen and remembers how Robbie told him to frighten her and says today he will give a DNA test report to her. He gets the DNA test report and remembers how Robbie was positive that Harleen will deliver Karan to him. He accompanies Harleen, but Aditi comes in front of him. He shocks seeing her there and asks how she came here.

Meher, Sarab shares the holy offering with everyone. Vikram also begins to share the holy offering. Harleen horrifies observing Vikram and evokes their competition. He states he wants to communicate with her and show something to her.

Episode ends.

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