Anupamma 3 December 2020 Written Update : Lila scolds Kinjal

At the beginning of the episode, Leela says that Vanraj probably did it because Anupama is not his choice.  And Anupama is also very different from Vanraj.  Babuji says Leela is also different from him.  He is educated but not Leela.  He is from a big city and she is from a village.  Leela says that she knows that this is Vanraj’s mistake but.  Babuji says but he is her son so she is thinking about forgiving him.  If Anupama had made the same mistake, would she have forgiven her too?  His son has made a mistake for which he should be punished.  Leela says but she is getting punishment by losing Vanraj.  Anupama is listening to their words there.  She burns the cloth while pressing.  Babuji tells her to take care.  Anupama says everything is burning, the heart and clothes of the family too and all this is happening because of her.  Babuji says it is not her fault.

Kavya tells Vanraj that if he came to her in anger, then he would not go as soon as the anger was over.  Vanraj says no, he came here in anger but Kavya’s love brought him and he will never regret his decision.  Paritosh gives sagai ring to Anupama.  And says why he got punished for Vanraj’s mistake.  Anupama says that this ring is of Kinjal and will remain the same.  He and Kinjal will definitely get married.

Vanraj does exercises and remembers Babuji, Leela, and Anupama.  He asks Kavya to hold his leg while exercising.  Kavya says she is working then wait for 5 minutes.  Vanraj says he does not take breaks while exercising.  Kavya adds but she is doing office work.  Vanraj remembers how Anupama always used to do him all work.

There Leela finds Kinjal and asks her what she has been doing here.  Kinjal apologizes to her but Leela does not forgive her and scolds her.  Anupama asks Leela to calm down.  But Leela does not calm down and accuses Kinjal.  There Kavya tells Vanraj that he did not make a protein shake because she does not know how many scoop proteins he takes.

Leela tells Kinjal not to step into this house from now on.  She closes the door on her mouth and.  Anupama tells Leela that she did it wrong.  She opens the door and finds that Kinjal is missing.  Paritosh goes after Kinjal.  Leela says Rakhi did so much but Paritosh still goes behind Kinjal.  There, Vanraj discovers his tie and socks.  Due to which he spills all the contents of Kavya’s room.  Kavya tells him not to do such antics.  Leela tells Anupama that Vanraj will definitely come back.  That’s when Vanraj comes.

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