Shaadi Mubarak 3 December 2020 Written Update : Amit’s disgusting words make Priyanka angry

At the beginning of the episode, Nandni tells Preeti that she found everything used. First wedding pavilion and now this necklace. She feels very bad for Preeti. Kirtan makes Nandani silent. And tells her not to talk to his wife like that because now this necklace and he belongs to Preeti. He praises Preeti that she looks gorgeous in this necklace. He tells Nandni that she should leave from here. Nandni gets irritated and leaves from there.

Kirtan tells Preeti to remove the necklace. Preeti says there is no need. Kirtan pulls the Necklace from Preeti’s throat and throws it. Preeti gets hurt in the throat. But Preeti pays attention to Kirtan’s injury by not paying attention to herself. She wants to apply ointment to him, but Kirtan leaves.

Nandni thinks that she will continue to become salt in the life of kirtan so that life does not become boring. There, Amit sees that Priyanka is thanking the waiter for giving her water. He gets irritated and curses Priyanka. He says if Priyanka wants him to marry her, she proves that she is pure. Priyanka gets angry and she throws water on him.

Next, Kirtan comes to his room. He goes to his bed and rests and that is when a pin pinches him. Kirtan angrily asks Gopal how the pin fell on his bed. Neil says it is probably Preeti’s. Kirtan’s father asks but where is Preeti. Kirtan says he forgot her in his office. Kusla says that now they should tell how to believe that this marriage is real when the husband forgot his wife in office and came alone without relegation.

Kirtan’s father silences Kusala. And ask Kirtan how he left Preeti. Kirtan remembers that he probably got distracted after Nandni’s message came and forgot Preeti. Nandni brings Preeti home and remembers old things. Kirtan says that she should not miss these things because now he belongs to Preeti. There Kusum learns that Kusala gave her gifts to the servants. While Priyanka thinks about how she will tell Kusum about Amit. There Kusala curses Preeti for marrying her son.

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