Yeh Hain Chahtein 3 December 2020 Written Update : Mahima attempts suicide?

At the beginning of the episode, Yuvraj started searching for Mahima’s file in the hospital. Yuvraj got the file and thought of showing this file to some other doctor to get the real fact. Rudkraksh was getting ready for his concert Saransh noticed Rudkraksh wore his costume without discussing with Preesha and doubted that there is some mess between them which he has to fix. Saransh threw water at the floor and started shouting Preesha name Rudkraksh was trying to stop him, but Preesha suddenly entered the room.

Preesha came forward, and her legs slipped, and Rudkraksh balanced her, and they both shared an eye. Then Saransh revealed that he had used this trick to make them close as he knows they have fought with each other. Preesha said nothing is like that than Saransh said then to kiss each other to prove that they are not angry with each other.

Yuvraj went to some other doctor and called Ahana and put his phone on the desk. The doctor said she is mentally unstable according to reports. Saransh was working on his laptop, and Mahima was sitting next to him. Mahima went near him and requested to play a game until Gps come to take him. Saransh shouted at him and said, her to leave him alone as she is not his real mother.

Mahima felt upset and stated feelings guilty. Mahina saw a knife on the table and move towards it. Saransh thought of Calling Preesha and complain about Mahima, suddenly Saransh heard Mahima’s loud voice and went downstairs to see her. All the family members returned home, and Saransh ran and hugged Rudkraksh and started crying. Afterward, all noticed Mahima sitting on the floor unconsciously.

Preesha requested Rudkraksh to call the ambulance, but Balraj denied taking her to the hospital as it will create a negative impact on Rudkraksh image. Gps also came there and was shocked to see Mahima like this. Mahima got her senses back, and the doctor said to take care of her as next time she would not be so lucky. Rudkraksh came to go to another room and scolded Preesha for leaving Saransh with Mahima.

Preesha told Rudkraksh to think for Mahima also as she wants love. Rudkraksh said she would go back to the mental hospital. Preesha said she would be recovered only at one condition when Saransh will be with her. Rudkraksh gave all his property paper to her and said he can leave everything for Saransh. Rudkraksh said if he would get a choice to chooses one between you and Saransh, then he will choose Saransh. Saransh heard this and went off from there. Rudkraksh said he waited yesterday for her, but she didn’t come back. Rudkraksh said Saransh is his priority.

Episode end

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