Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3 December 2020 Written Update : Nira gave a surprise to Kartik

At the beginning of the episode, Dadi said, Kartik to wake him then Naira went off from there giving an excuse. Kartik waked Kairav and showed him to the other family. Then Kartik said, him to get fresh up and went downstairs to show Akshara to them. Dadi advised them to celebrate their birthday in a good way and spend the whole day with them. Kairav was coming downstairs, and seeing him, Naira escaped from there.

Kirti was trying to convince him to reunite the family again and make the bond strong again. Gayu said she doesn’t want any relationship with them who has made his child like this. Nairs were listening to Kairav’s voice, and suddenly Kartik came there. Naira said now it’s taking very much time, and she is not feeling this right.

Kartik assured him that he is doing everything for us. Ridhima was talking with Kairav and getting her choices. Nairs said she is not a good mother but Kartik stopped her from blaming any individual. Kartik said tomorrow is also his birthday, but Naira said after becoming parents everything is according to parents. Manish was leaving for the office, but Surekha stopped her from going as he was working late at night and with rest hr is going again.

Manish said he can not leave in this house as he feels guilty in this house and went off. Kairav recalled how her mother silent him and gets a little scared. Naira was willing to come to his birthday, but Kartik said he gets panicked seeing her. But Naira said she will find sway of coming in gust birthday.

Krishna was making a surprise for Kairav but not included Vansh, and he felt guilty for breaking the bro code. Nairs and Kartik danced together on a terrace. Then they had s cake cutting for Kartik’s birthday. Then Kartik made a video call to Kairav, and he was sleeping then they cut a cake for him. Naira said she will surely come to Kairav’s birthday.

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