Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 3 December 2020 Written Update : A heated argument between Aswini and Bhavini

At the beginning of the episode, Virat saw Sai and asked why she is standing outside like this. Sai said she was feeling suffocated inside, and she also added that she saw you and Pakhi back-bitching. Virat said he has not said anything negative about her. Virat Said Sai not to tolerate any violence as she can reply to everyone but staying within limits.

All were at the table and Pakhi said his father’s favorite food and said today is his birthday everyone wished her. Bhavini praised Pakhi and compared Pakhi and Sai. Ashwini said she don’t want any suggestions from anyone. Bhavini got offended. Ashwini said she has to prepare for Marriage, but Bhavini said she had not approved yet.

Ashwini said Virat has completed his responsibility, and now it’s her turn to support him. Ashwini said one day everyone will appreciate Sai one day. Pakhi said within one day you got to know so much about Sai. Then Ashwini taunted and said she saw Virat and Pakhi in the middle of the night as Virat should be in his room. Everyone was a little shocked. Everyone said Pakhi would be talking to Virat about Sai.

Pakhi said Ashwini to advise Virat not to talk with her. Ashwini said she is the mother of Virat she knows very well what is right and wrong. Ashwini said Karishma to bring Sai. Karishma went to her room and found Sai sleeping on sofas and taunted her, and acted of feeling guilty for Sai. Sai said not to worry about her as she knows how to take care of herself. Ashwini called Virat and said to complete the marriage proceedings. Virat denied and said he can not hurt anyone more. Suddenly Sai came and was about to touch Bhavini feet, but she stopped her. Sai also denied continuing marriage proceedings. Ashwini said she just wanted to do all these for the betterment of this family.

Virat agreed with Ashwini because of his family. All were preparing for marriage proceedings. Ashwini said she just wanted that everyone should accept Sai. Usha said Sai not to give a straight answer to Ashwini suddenly Ashwini came inside the room and said she will groom her and watch her in the mirror. Sai hugged Ashwini and said why everyone is not like her. Ashwini said to keep quiet and not to say such things in this house. Ashwini saw Sai’s face in the mirror and praised her.

Episode end

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