Kumkum bhagya 4 December 2020 Written Update : Abhi wants to meet Pragya

At the beginning of the episode, Abhi tells Meera that Riya wants them to get married. Meera starts crying. Abhi asks her not to cry. Forget that he came here. Meera says she did not know that Riya wants her to be her mother. She says she cannot find a better husband than Abhi, so she is ready for marriage. Riya is very happy. Abhi tries to convince Meera to say no to this, but he sees Riya and falls silent.

There Grandma asks Vikram what happened. Vikram says Pallavi wants Ranbir to marry Riya. But Prachi is Ranbir’s first love, so this has to be done wrong with Ranbir. Dadi says very few people get their first love. Vikram says that he has done a lot for Ranbir’s happiness. So he will talk to Pallavi. Vikram comes to Pallavi’s room. Pallavi looks at Vikram and holds his hand. Pallavi says she has asked Ranbir for something. Vikram says he wants to talk about the same. Pallavi’s health worsens.

Vikram says he will call the doctor. Pallavi says she is in pain because Ranbir is in pain. She says but Riya is a good girl for Ranbir, then everything will be fine after their marriage. Grandma appreciates Ranbir’s decision. Riya tells Alia that Meera has agreed to the wedding. Alia is happy and says that now Riya will win her battle with Pragya. Prachi is sad to see Pragya’s condition there. Ranbir is also upset. He calls Prachi and says that he can no longer meet Prachi.

Ranbir tells Prachi that his mother had a heart attack. Prachi gets shocked. She says how is Pallavi now. Ranbir says she is fine. Ranbir’s tears do not stop so he hangs up the phone. Next, Alia congratulates Meera as she is about to get married. She asks is she happy. Meera says yes. Alia also tells this to Mitali. There, Abhi is sad. He feels sorry after remembering the talk of Alia, Riya, and Meera.

He thinks that he cannot marry Meera. Because only Pragya is his wife. He thinks he should talk to Pragya. But her phone does not work. Prachi wants to visit Pallavi. Pragya asks her where she is going. Prachi tells that Pallavi is ill, so she is going to meet her. Pragya says okay. Abhi takes Pragya’s number from Vikram and calls her. But she does not pick up the phone, he gives her a voice message.

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