Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 3 December 2020 Written Update : Dadi’s shocking decision

At the beginning of the episode, Vihaan asks Riddhima not to talk with him like this. She has only hired her, not bought him. And he is only trying to behave like Vansh because if Vansh had seen Riddhima with Kabir, he would have been so angry. Riddhima says but he never divorces her. Vihaan stares at Riddhima. Riddhima asks, why are you looking like this? Vihaan says their eyes are the same, they are a match.

And then Immediately Vihaan hides Riddhima in the carpet. Ishani arrives and asks him to sign the divorce paper. Ishani thinks it is very difficult to sign as Vansh and now when this man is unable to sign, then she will know that he is not Vansh but someone else. Riddhima remembers how she had taught him everything so that these little things could come in handy when needed. But Vihaan had the most difficulty copying the signature.

Ishani notices the carpet. She says why is it here. Vihaan says to send it for cleaning. Ishani says she will send. Vihaan refuses because she is pregnant. And takes the carpet. Kabir says to Anupriya that this man is someone else and soon he will solve this thing too. Riddhima tells Vihaan why he signed the papers. Vihaan says maybe Ishani suspects him, she wanted to check him so he did it. Vihaan says that Riddhima should pray to Ganesha so that their path gets clear. Riddhima is surprised to learn that Vihaan is also aware of her faith in her God.

Angre does not believe that Vansh divorces Riddhima because he wants Riddhima a lot. Ishani says that this happened due to Riddhima’s mistakes. Kabir is going ahead and falls. Vihaan asks if he got hurt. Kabir refuses. Vihaan puts alcohol on Kabir’s injury to trouble him and says it would be better if Kabir leaves VR house. Kabir thinks that Riddhima has taught everything to this man, so how can he bring the truth of Vihaan to everyone.

Riddhima weeps after seeing the picture of Vansh. Grandma arrives. She is angry with Riddhima because of the divorced thing. She gives the box to Riddhima and asks to wear the dress inside it. Next, everyone comes to the temple. Ishani taunts Riddhima by looking at the bride’s clothes and says it is good that Riddhima will go out in this dress. She asks Riddhima to sign. Riddhima is about to sign but Grandma tore the papers and says that the relationship does not break in this way. Dadi tells Vihaan to put vermilion on Riddhima’s forehead. Riddhima gets shocked and thinks about what should she do now.

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