Qurbaan Hua 4 December 2020 Written Update : Chahat got some clue

At the beginning of the episode, Neel was about to open the jar suddenly Alekh came and asked Chahat what she is doing here. Chahat informed him about the holy offering. Alekh was about to have a look into it, but suddenly Neel came and took that with him by giving an excuse to Chahat.

Neel sprinkled water on Dr. Baigh to wake him, but Dr. Baigh pushed him back. Bhupender started scolding Dr.Baigh, but Neel stopped him and said we should respect him as he is very elder than us.

Neel came back to the room and saw Chahat was sleeping. Neel slowly rubbed his hands on Chahat’s face and admired him lovingly. Neel hand was about to fall on the candle, but Neel saved her. Chahat asked Neel that where he went last night. Vyas Ji was viewing albums of Saraswati childhood pics and felt Guilty for not enjoying their childhood with them.

Neel said he went to Bhupender relatives as someone was very ill. Then Neel asked Chahat that she was about to tell her last night. Chahat showed Neel a watch which was of Dr. Baigh and assumed that Dr. Baigh might be there in the iron factory. Then Neel thought that Dr.Baig has helped him to recover. Chahat said, Neel that she wants to find Dr. Baigh. Neel said he will find him. Chahat requested Neel not to do anything with Dr. Baigh.

Vyas Ji came to Chahat and asked her to come with him. Vyas and Chahat went to the owner of the factory to buy a part of it for Chahat. Neel was feeding Dr. Baigh but was not cooperating at all. Dr. Baigh saw Chahat pic on Neel’s phone.

Chahat got nothing in the factory, but she got to know that a keeper is always present in the factory. Chahat went to meet him, but he was not available, and she got to know that he is not there for a long time. Chahat requested god to help her to find the culprit who wanted to kill Neel. Chahat saw that air lantern on the poll and bring hin down using a stick. Chahat examined that, but she did not find anything, Suddenly Chahat saw the CCTV which was facing towards Factory entrance.

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