Shakti 3 December 2020 Written Update : Shano reveal Heer’s truth

At the beginning of the episode, Preeto and Parmeet put mehndi in Simran’s hands and appreciate that they are applying each other mehndi design. Virat says that he will also put henna on Heer’s hand as he had applied at his wedding. Tejinder comes to Harak’s house and is surprised to see his big house. She says it is good that we don’t have any wedding function at Harak’s house, now she will get all the information behind everyone’s back.

She sees a Jalebi shop and thinks that she will find out about the history of Harak’s family from this shopkeeper. While Virat applying henna in the hands of Heer, he puts more henna on her face. Heer says what are you doing Virat, the mehndi stain will remain on the face. Virat says that he will not let Heer’s face with any taint. Later Both share romantic moments. Heer says someone will see them. Virat says it is okay they are husband and wife and if someone wants to see them then he has no problem with it.

Parmeet notices them and says yes right no one will see them nor stop. Next everyone dances and share happy moments. There Tejinder comes to know the truth of the curse of Kinner and thinks that she will have to ask Shano the leftover things. She calls Shano and asks her about the secret of their house. Shano remembers the tortures given by Preeto and gets ready to meet Tejinder. She calls her to an unknown place.

Shano further tells Preeto that she is ill, she wants to go to the medical store and get medicine. Preeto says okay go. Shano put on make-up like a eunuch. While on another side the process of marriage begins. Pandit Ji calls the bride. Heer says she will bring Simran.

Tejinder comes to meet Shano. She is shocked to see Shano in Kinnar’s avatar. And asks what is all this. Shano says she will become the eunuch to reveal the secret of Harak’s family. There Heer brings Simran to the pavilion. Shano says the fate of Harak’s family is bad, neither did they get the whole daughter-in-law nor daughter. Tejinder says what does she mean.

There Simran and Rohan perform the first wedding ceremony which is varmala. And Shano tells Tejinder that Harak’s daughter-in-law is a eunuch and his daughter too … Tejinder asks what?

There hugs Heer. And here Shano tells Tejinder that Heer is also a eunuch. The landslips under Tejinder’s feet. And there, the lamp of the temple is extinguished with the hands of Heer. Shano gives Tejinder water and Heer tries to light the lamp but fails.

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