Choti Sarrdaarni 3 December 2020 Written Update – Sarab does something unexpected

At the beginning of the episode, Sarab says to Meher that today Patak is blackmailing them, tomorrow someone other will do so he has determined something and says her to help him in his judgment. She bows at him. Robbie calls Patak and says Sarab got to know about the fact and threw him out of the house. Patak said Robbie that his house is always open for him. . Harleen gives a blood report to Aditi. Seema welcomes Harleen and tells everyone to come for prayer. Aditi without perceiving the report seeks Seema for prayer.

Media sets for Sarab and his family. Media queries why Sarab summoned them for a press interview suddenly. Few suspect it could be anything relevant to the party, and he wants to make the decision primarily. Sarab gratitude them for evolving and proposes his family to them. Media people adore Karan and question them what the purpose behind this unexpected press interview.

The media character states in Punjab everyone honors and loves him, so she doesn’t think anyone will shun him. He says it depends on people’s outlook. They tell him to reveal the fact directly. Aditi reads the letter and says Harleen needs to take guardianship of her from now on. Vikram asks regarding the report. She says it’s Harleen’s blood report. He gets distracted by hearing her. Seems to notify them about Sarab’s press conference and turn on the tv.

Media asks Meher that if she loved someone else, then why she married Sarab. Meher says she married Sarab to give birth to Karan. She says she is really lucky to get a husband like him. He says on marriage day itself she told the truth to him, and him proud of her. They ask why they are revealing the truth to now. He says it’s the right time.

Kulwant tells Sarab becomes mad. Her son asks what if he exposes that they decided to kill Manav. Jinni calls Jeeto and Amrita to see the press interview. Kulwant tells his son that they have to hold this press conference and scales from there.

Vikram calls Patak and berates him, and tells him to view tv. Sarab and Meher reveal how they took Karan’s blood specimen. Harleen calls Sarab, but he doesn’t pick the call. Media questions who is the vital father of Karan.

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