Barrister babu 3 December 2020 written update : Mini creat ruckus

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita wakes up late. Anirudh wait for Hira Mandi’s girls and Bondita. Bondita was ready to leave for class. Trilochan asks her why she is in such a hurry. Koyli ask Bondita to have breakfast. Bondita says that her hunger has died due to fear of Anirudh.

Trilochan says that he will scold Anirudh because he is bothering Bondita a lot. Bondita says no, there is no need. And now I’m getting late, so I’m leaving. Further, Bondita is disturbed by the boys of Mini’s team. Bondita gives them a answer to their wrong antics and runs away.

Anirudh says when will girls take education seriously. Then Suraiya and other girls come. Anirudh scolds them. Bondita also reaches. Anirudh says how can he scold them when the classroom monitor has come late.

He punishes them and ask them fill the drums with water within 15 minutes. Girls get tired while filling water. Saurav says girls are tired. Anirudh says don’t worry, girls will also find a solution to this problem. Then Bondita presents an idea of ​​hers and the girls immediately fill up the water.

There Mini burns girls’ houses. Bholi is inside the house and falls into the fire. When Anirudh and Bondita notice this, they run towards the house. They saves Bholi and Bholi tells them that Mini did it. Anirudh gets angry and goes to Mini.

Anirudh curses Mini. Greenwood tells Anirudh not to accuse his wife without any proof. Anirudh says he has proof, Bholi has seen everything. But since Bholi cannot speak anything, she is unable to prove that this incident is done by Mini. Greenwood tells Anirudh to leave. Mini says Bondita will go to Roy Chaudhary House but where will the girls of Heera Mandi go. Anirudh thinks he knows what Mini wants but he will not let Mini win.

Later Anirudh and girls go from there. Anirudh says don’t worry he will make them stay in other house. Suraiya says no, they will not go. Anirudh ask why? Suraiya says because Mini can do anything to make them loose this competition and even Anirudh is unable to protect them.

Bondita agrees with it. She says they should give girls a safe place to leave. Anirudh bring the girls to his house. He says this is his house and girls can stay here without any fear. Bondita says but Trilochan will not allow.

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